Food Theory: Restaurants Are LYING To You! (Michelin Stars)

Published 2022-09-24
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Theorists, have you ever eaten at a Michelin Star restaurant? You know, the fancy places that were awarded stars from the Michelin tire company for their very expensive food. Oh, you didn't know that's who is dolling out these acclaimed stars? Surprise! It's true, a tire company has been telling us what the top tier restaurants in the world are for YEARS and no one thought to question it. Well, Loyal Theorists, that is what I am here to do!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: AbsolutePixel, JayskiBean, and
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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All Comments (21)
  • Nikki S.
    THANK YOU for this video MatPat!
    As a Colombian-American who loves cooking, the fact that Latin America as a whole has so few Michelin stars always irritated me, since we have such wide diversity and flavor in our cuisines! I always felt that there was a European bias with these reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I love European cuisine, but there needs to be more love for Latin America and our amazing dishes. I’m sure there’s a a Michelin-worthy Arepa out there!

    PS I feel like Papas Chorreadas would be something Michelin reviewers would like, but maybe that’s just me lol. Maybe they’d appreciate a bandeja paisa?
  • Kid Kudos
    As someone who has worked in the restaurant industry a long time and who deeply loves food and this industry I've always believed that if you have a Michelin star that you earned it but if you don't have one doesn't mean you don't deserve it
  • Jeff Talley
    I have a friend who worked in the kitchen at a Michelin starred restaurant, and she told me the biggest part of earning a star was non-food related. It was how you go above and beyond with the administrative, organization and presentation of the restaurant itself. Obviously you can't serve bad food, but the process of earning the star was more about how much extra you're willing to go to make your restaurant LOOK like a Michelin restaurant.
  • KSI Shows Speed
    its actually really impressive how michelin could actually earn money through the travel guide and advertise at the same time
  • EditDeath
    There's a huge friendship between France and Japan that's gone on for ages, to the point that in the late 90's each country spent a year celebrating each other's culture. Even if the Japanese restaurants getting stars hadn't sold French food, it'd still be a case of giving a best friend a pat on the back
  • Bhaam Lachez
    The Michelin mascott is called Bibendum and has a pretty interesting story : the Michelin factory was using a pile of tires as a sign for customers at the entry, and one day Edouard Michelin told his brother André it would ressemble a human if it had arms.
    Soon after an artist was recruited for an ad campaign and proposed several rejected drawings he had made for various businesses as a basis to rework for the company. One of those drawings was of an overweight man drinking a glass of wine with a slogan in latin : "nunc est bibendum", meaning "now is the time for drinking" (it was probably for a brasserie). André Michelin though it ressembled a bit a pile of tires and remembered what his brother had told him. So he asked the artist to transform the man into a pile of tires with arms, replaced the wine with sharp things (nails, glass shards, etc) and kept the slogan in latin, adding the phrase "The Michelin tire DRINKS the obstacle !"
    Even though the campaign was limited in scale and was not very successful, André Michelin decided to keep the character, now named Bibendum, as a way to personify the company. And this turned to be very successful, probably because it was among the very first mascott character in France and the company grew big in decades after. To the point that nowadays, "bibendum" is a common name in French. For example, the French translation for the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbuster is "Bibendum Chamallow".
  • Hi -o
    The next channel could be only about history and I’d listen for hours
  • Nicklose
    I can imagine MatPat stopping a stranger to talk about history for ten minutes.
  • Maxime Daniel
    As a french I always thought the Michelin star was a national standard for high quality food that also awarded a few restaurants abroad but I never thought they marketed themselves as the international reference for food...
  • Kate Sang
    To be honest,I'm impressed Matpat and talk for about 10 minutes straight with a neutral voice and basically not stopping.
  • Tester Wulf :3
    I don't think it's just the food, maybe partially, but the atmosphere/vibe of the place and service..most Michelin stars restaurants have very similar vibes and often similar food or similar in styled preparation. They go into a restaurant that isn't run in a tradition fancy French way and it just doesn't hit as "Michelin stars worthy" for these judges because it's not the norm for them. They're judging the restaurant and not really the food which is the main problem I have with it, and it's also why French restaurants are prioritized for Michelin stars because they fit the "right vibe". No one should consider whether or not a restaurant has good food based on whether or not it has Michelin stars..plenty of great places with 0 Michelin stars!
  • Ghost
    As an ex-professional chef (but current chef to all my friends and fam) of a Michelin three star restaurant that was on the Bay Area's Top 100 for the three years I worked there, I'm so happy you made this.

    (Pssssst, even though it was a Japanese/American restaurant where I used to work, we used a lot of French style cooking techniques per "Chefs" ord--ah--request. Wonder why we got so many food critics so early after the grand opening...)
  • Many fantastic restaurants have never even heard of Michelin puft tires or their gold-star stickers but are definitely worth visiting. The factoid about Guinness settling debates is hilarious because they milked that hard
  • As a french trained chef whos been lucky enough to eat at several michelin star restaurants, I can say that the food in these restaurants are often very similar in vibe, and the ambiance of the restaurant is always very intense, you have a ton of waiters over your shoulder, everything seems so fancy and part of a protocol. I've realized with time I much rather enjoy a chill atmosphere, were you can hear people buzzing and laughing! Some of the BEST meals of my life have actually been very cheap, in fun, authentic restaurants!
  • Jaimee Finnegan
    I personally always rely on the advice "go where the locals go" or "if it's dinner time and it's busy, it's probably worth the wait". I also always look at price points too, but you gotta do what you gotta do these days :)
  • I have been very skeptical about Michelin stars since I learned that in a reality show, chefs with stars were having trouble just to make an street taco.
  • Sirios Star
    Michelin Stars are the kiss of death .
    It is all about the pretentious facade that the stars represent . you never know whether the people are eating at your restaurant because of the stars or because they actually like the food .,
    A restaurant that doesn't have them but is always full knows it's because the people love the food . the customer values good taste at a reasonable price above pretentious food that is arranged like a framed piece of art .
    getting the stars is one thing but holding onto them is another .
    the stress of maintaining the stars can become so stressful that the food begins to suffer as well as the atmosphere .
  • werty grinbery
    The spiffin brit, probably: michelin star guide is perfectly balanced with no exploits
  • ManFelt
    WAUU THANK YOU MAT PAT! As a Malaysian, i’ve always wondered why Singapore has more Michelin Star than Malaysia yet their food isn’t even favourable amongst their own Citizens. Most Singaporeans would come to Johor to eat out. So i did some digging and wouldn’t you know it, most of them are FRENCH CUISINE! This brings faith to me
  • Food theory video idea: Can eating food you hate actually make you feel sick or really get sick?