Ada Lovelace’s Troubled Homework | Trailblazer

Published 2024-04-18
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More details about Lovelace's homework can be found in this great blog post by Adrian Rice:…
Images of the letters are from the Clay Mathematics Institute:…

Ada Lovelace's notes on the Analytical engine:
The Bernoulli program as written by Lovelace:
The Lovelace–De Morgan mathematical correspondence by Hollings, Martin and Rice:…
The early mathematical education of Ada Lovelace by Hollings, Martin and Rice:…
De Morgan's Elements of Algebra book:…
De Morgan's Differential and Integral calculus book:…

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  • @word6344
    Blazing a literal trail while talking about a trailblazer is genius
  • As a CS student who likes exploring outdoor, I love the concept of this video
  • @GimpyChinaman
    Amazing view over that valley, NZ's landscapes are freaking magical.
  • @honeybunny5571
    Integration while trekking- that is quite me! Also, Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace are my inspiration.
  • @74jerdog
    There are so many captivating things happening in this video. An amazing intellectual, great revelation of historic figures, amazing scenery, hiking, mathematical equations, excellent information, and a most soothing vocal cadence. Thanks for your content, T!❤
  • @lst1194
    If i ever get a terminal disease, please let it be Tibees to break the news to me. I don't think I'd get upset with that sweet voice
  • @Mark8v29
    Perhaps each generation of scholars, at any level, is blessed by having better tools for learning but as with all improvement things never get easier because that which must be achieved (learned) also increases. I stagger to think how difficult learning via letter must be and maybe in a hundred years scholars will stagger to think how difficult it was to learn in the 20th and 21st centuries. Wonderful NZ ! My favourite landscape in the world of countries I have visited. Like a more accessible Switzerland with more variety.
  • @eddiesalinas
    Ada mentioned the idea that computers might be used to make music - it would be quite something for someone over 100 hundred years ago such as her to time travel to now and observe (and hear!) audio synthesis, recordings, and generative AI to make music!
  • @israelquito3072
  • @drfrancintosh
    What a wonderful "article" about Ada Lovelace. She was definitely a woman ahead of her time. And also, how wonderful that all these learned and historically significant male mathematicians took her and her work seriously. Thanks for a great trip down history's lane.
  • its good to walk, the spine doesnt have circulation all the way to the core so depends on the pumping action when we walk to give it circulation. Be kind to your back and walk.
  • Beautiful mountains 🗻 , clear water and blue skies ☁. I want it.
  • @lisapfnuer1745
    A beautiful hike, and mathematics! You are living my dream!
  • @cewkins721
    Great video! Walking through the mountains and going through math must be a wonderful experience
  • Ada's Bernoulli Numbers program was the first published piece of software. Babbage had obviously already written a few programs (though not as complex) while designing the Analytical Engine and we can now see his notebooks, but it is fair to say Ada started the Open Source movement.
  • @gandalf8216
    As a software developer since the late 80's, Lovelace has always been close to my heart. To perceive a problem, and find a solution to it, and then develop upon it, it's an approach that speaks to me. No, I don't make websites, I'm more involved in low-level stuff on the processor level, and translating runtime things to bridge programming languages. The mathematics with its roots in Turing (and Ada, at least in terms of implementation) is something that makes my blood flow. Anyway, I named one of my cats after Ada Lovelace, Ada. My other cat is named Curie after Marie Curie, but that's only because Cecilia (Payne Gaposchkin) didn't really translate well in cat-ish, sounding very hissy and hostile. There's so many great women historically, and I find them utterly uncelebrated.
  • @igphoenix321
    A new genre of videos is born... Great hiking and thoughtful science! Plus that relaxing asmr-ish voice (on purpose?) And of course, pretty on the eyes (but this is last in the list, a bonus)