I Hired Roberto Carlos to Rate My Football Ability

Published 2023-12-15
Roberto carlos a legend in football gives me a honest review of my footballing ability. let's see what he rates my football skills

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All Comments (21)
  • @red_x324
    roberto is actually so funny and real bro, feels like he has no ego at all
  • @snipes1673
    the fact roberto doesn’t need to have as much energy as he did truly shows how humble he is, Legend!
  • @lebron2324177
    You gotta love Roberto Carlos energy, such a legend!!
  • Crazy how this guy uploads such underrated and extremely funny videos, respect for sv2
  • @hashook1584
    When Roberto carlos took a shot ngl I was rolling on the ground💀
  • @slimjim123
    Roberto carlos is such a down to earth nice guy for having that energy, as he was such a famous player. ❤ the vid as always
  • @PotterHead2345
    Carlos is an player that you can’t describe with words
  • @dariusbaja21
    Roberto Carlos is one of my favorite players of all time ! Not only is he a amazing player n legend, but hes such a incredible n humble human being . Genuinely one of the most humble, nicest n down to earth people there is . Love him
  • Dude he seems so chill and nice. Truly one of my favorite defenders OAT.
  • @Dude_editz7
    Roberto was very friendly i think it was fun for sv2 to make a video with him 😅
  • @Ora936
    He truly is a legend ❤
  • @Arielixs
    Roberto Carlos is a true legend,RESPECT❤
    Nah the energy was way way way way way too CRAZY😂😂😂😂😂
  • @DYLWIL2005
    W vid as always Eman keep going love the content
  • @RomyGang
    The way Sabi and Reberto where laughing at eman together got me dead 💀 And when sabi tried to communicate with reberto 😂lol