How I Became Immortal in Hardcore Minecraft

Published 2023-10-29
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I found the most OP gear, unlimited hearts, and infinite potion glitches and combined them to fight 50 wardens at the same time to see if i could be deemed invincible!

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Footage Stuffs :
   • Xp Grinding 1  
   • Xp Grinding 2  
   • Xp Grinding 3  
   • Xp Grind 4  
   • Getting All The Stuff Again LIKE A SIMP  
   • Long Fish Session  
   • Trading  
   • Full 1000 Mob Fight  
   • Full Wither Fight 2  
   • Ghasts for Crystals  
   • Gapples2  

How Strong Can You Actually Get in Minecraft Hardcore?

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  • @karoleq3129
    Legend says that Jameel is looking through all that footage in the description to find something suspicious
  • @LilithMarillium
    Shoutout to Ja meal for being the reason we get access to behind the scenes footage
  • @Nintenblox
    We will remember the colosseum 😢 You literally fought every mob to the death after spending tons of time capturing them and didn’t die.
  • @VoxelPioneer
    I love how Jameel has clearly never done his enchanting on the anvil instead of the enchanting table with his "it only costs 3 levels" comment 😂
  • @Soldier_Sprout
    If you need the End Crystals to defeat that many wardens, with full God Armor, that proves that Wardens are a force to be reckoned with
  • @rancerrex
    @MudFlaps if you are willing to do the armour again with an old save, you can prevent the spawn chunks from being reset by putting the files that contain the data for the spawn chunks in "read only mode", so that they can't get replaced. But once you go back to 1.20 you will need to change the files back, as it can cause crashes when you get close to them, or weird behavior with redstone, more specifically unloaded redstone.
  • @RichieBre
    SB737 had also converted his world to 1.14 and ended up losing his spawn chunks, however he used a program to bring them back, even without a backup.
  • @reefa4655
    Your armor took so much damage, you only gained 1 level from 1200 mobs lmao, shit was crazy
  • @j_motion9865
    “Did you do it” “Yes” “What did it cost?” “Everything”
  • @PrecouisgemL
    Ive only recently started watching your content but you already became my favourite YouTuber.
  • the armor set you made mixed with the potion effects makes you immortal. going of the enchant, protection 4 gives 16% damage resistance, and the other protection enchants give 32% damage resistance to their own damage types, multiplying this by 4 for each armor piece, the protection gives 64% damage resistance and the other protection enchants stack up to 128% each. However, according to the wiki, Fire Protection, Feather Falling, Blast Protection, and Projectile Protection stacks up to an upper limit cap of 80%. Any further damage that would have been reduced is instead ignored. This cap can be reached with a total of 10 combined levels of Fire Protection, or by combining 12 levels of Protection with 4 levels of Fire Protection. just having max protection enchants doesn't make you immortals due to thiss limitation. But luckily, the 60% total damage reduction granted by resistance 3 doesn't count to the 80% limit, so your still immortal.
  • @scarlett-parker
    It was so worth it watching the streams that led up to this video. 😊
  • @jonbro32
    MudFlaps: Finds all knowing drowned , having an out of body experience while sharing knowledge to all who come. Also mudflaps: *Kills it instantly *
  • @brush3998
    "Now because fighting the warden with my wildberries dangling in the wind is a little bit intimidating..." Best line in any minecraft video. Ever. That's it.
  • 13:08 When I saw him dig straight down after having lost the colosseum, I thought he was implying something different 💀
  • Explosions target your feet. That's why 2:10 creeper explosion only did 1/2 of damage. If you turn around just to notice you're on the verge of exploding, just place a block in front of your feet.
  • This happened to me when i reverted to get my god armor. Look up a video about MCA selector. If you have a backup of your world with the original spawn chunks/colosseum you can paste them back into your actual world. Its very easy and simple to use. I hope this helps!
  • @shaesghostboo
    As usual this was great! Hope that dude watches ALL the hours you put into it. ❤❤❤
  • @Entification
    Anvils may be a bit confusing, but they aren't that hard if you know these things. • All tools (Swords, Pickaxes, Axes, etc.), armour (Helmet, Chestplate, etc.) and enchanted books (Protection, Mending, Combinations, etc...) have anvil uses. The default value is 0. • To calculate an item's anvil uses after you used it in an anvil (outside of just renaming) you must: • Take the item with the highest anvil uses • Add one to its anvil uses • That number is the anvil use value for the output So, essentially, the best way to enchant, say, a sword would be: Get all the required books. Start with combining books of equal value, ensuring it doesn't exceed 5 anvil uses. If a book reaches 5 anvil uses, put it aside. You will apply this last to the sword. Once you have all the books, combine them with the sword, starting with the one with the lowest anvil uses. Other info (including fun trivia sort of?): • Using a grindstone removes all anvil uses. • Even though renaming doesn't add an anvil use, if the anvil uses have reached the signed 32-bit integer limit of 2,147,483,647 then the item cannot be renamed further.