Courtside Kicks Cash Out ENTIRE TABLE of Dunks at Sneaker Event!!

Published 2022-11-21

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  • Miata
    Him after the camera fades: "Nah man it's just for a video"
  • Sabyasachi Garai
    Jr. Walter White be struggling real hard selling sneakers 🥺🥺
  • Greg Brady
    Never could have imagined there would be a market exchange for sneakers.
  • Seth Bolin
    I love the part where he actually buys the shoes……
  • LJ rowles
    I love the part where he pays for the shoes
  • young tuna
    Lol the seller just looks at the camera like: “so was that just for the video or?…”
  • Sam Ullrich
    Do you ever watch a video and ask yourself ‘why was this a video?’ Like it just seems like a flex to me. I kept waiting for him to say he was giving them away or giving them to homeless people or something like I usually see on my algorithm lol
  • its hip
    we still have yet to see you make a single one of these purchases or prove that you actually own these shoes
  • Email Account
    No shoes were sold in the making of this YouTube video
  • SxlxJxe
    bro looked right at the camera 😂
  • matt
    funny thing is i asked this dude if he wanted my pair for retail and he said no
  • Yuri Sible
    Bru show us when u buy it bru cause ain’t know buddy believe u
  • Steezy
    He didn’t have to think about it😂

    “Like 16..” find better actor’s
  • Art3mis1812
    Notice how the camera fades without him buying them, I want to see a photo or vid of him with all the shoes he bought