1 in 1,000,000 NBA Moments

Published 2023-04-05

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  • @realpitstop7184
    When the ball went inside the backboard, it was truly insane. Fans all across the stadium erupted in a fit of confusion, as Kevin Durant starting doing the hype dance while Michael Jordan sat down for a drink on court. Truly incredible
  • @propulls5967
    It was a 1 point game, Steph took a shot from full court with 0.1 seconds left he did it with so much force the ball got stuck in the backboard, a truely legendary moment.
  • I love the part when the ball stuck in the backboard. Truly an exciting moment!
  • @Borzah
    My favorite channel on YouTube
  • @user-if5wl3uo7l
    haha, to świetna zabawa!
    Oglądam koszykówkę od 2 lat i wciąż nie mogę sobie wybaczyć, że zacząłem ją śledzić tak późno
  • I would never ever forget that game where the basket ball struck the glass backboard, truly amazing game.
  • @icedlava5918
    It was epic when shaq went for the half court dunk but him immense strength shoved the ball through the backboard! what an epic historic moment
  • @wegggcapaa
    We need more of this from Ayton. The guy is too passive for a rim protector, but he's still young so more room for improvement
  • I couldn't help but feel inspired after watching this video, it was motivational!
    rebound always dropping BANGERS🔥🔥 keep up the legit good work
  • @bwall4life2007
    Love it when rebound uploads. Keep up the good work man
  • Ahhh yes…
    It was a truly iconic moment when the ball got stuck in the backboard, good times 😊
  • @JxyceEdits
    The way he switches from a kid losing 1000000 dollars to Russell making a ball disappear is amazing
  • @00dxftones
    It was a lakers game, westbrook pulled up for the shoot and became the first person to break the backboard with a jumpshot. So inspirational.
  • @dukedave7
    1:09 He's such a gentleman and accepted it with a smile! I would have been dumbfounded and don't know how to react...
  • it was game 7 of the 2016 Nba Finals, Lebron James chase down blocks Andre iguodala so hard it gets stuck within the backboard. a truly spectacular feat never seen before
  • @Ice-dc3ib
    rebound making my day once more ❤
  • @ThisAintNoGoat
    Dude you literally make the best videos ever keep up the great work
  • @Denisfraison08
    The best what I saw,in my activity period, en of the 80', we had a new player, Amadou N Doye, from Senegal,1,98 m tall. He was a good dunker. One day in training , Amadou dunked and all the basket broke down. I remember the chocked face of Amadou, in front of Mr Jean Perniceni ( winner of the French cup 1958, with Jean Paul Beugnot,the father of the Beugnot brothers...and semi finalist of the European Cup,vs the Red Star of Moscow), with his white teeth,white eyes,in the middle of his African face, begging for pardon. We laughed all the evening,at this day, in Charleville 😂😂😂.Of course,the training was over 😅😅😅 2:50
  • @CandleCat862O14
    Wow, I remember that one day when the ball smashed the backboard, truly a crazy game.