{PLAYLIST} 5 mlp villain songs that hit Different than the rest

Published 2021-11-22
I'm well over my mlp phase but these songs were hard to forget. THEY WERE SUCH A BANGER-

I know there's more songs but these were my favorites.

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  • dapperthanMax
    Timestamps, because there aren't any yet!
    0:00 - Unleash The Magic
    3:05 - We Will Stand for Everfree
    5:06 - Open Up Your Eyes
    8:21 - This Day Aria
    10:35 - Battle of The Bands

    (P.S. unrelated, but Gloriosa really reminds me of Charlie from DST. i think it's the eyes...)
  • Carley Windleaf
    "MLP is for kids."
    -Peer pressure
    -Childhood trauma
    -examples of AvPD and OCD
    -Using violence instead of reason
    -Using people for your own benefit
    (There's probably more that I missed but this is what I can remember)
  • Inkblooded
    I'm kinda shocked "Our Town" wasn't on here. That song is... haunting. It's just so happy and upbeat, but the subtext is absolutely horrifying. A cult hiding in plain sight, trying to manipulate as many people as possible into accepting their twisted designs.
  • Alyssa Olson
    Whoever is doing the backing vocals/"ah-ah"s in the backgrounds of all the sirens' songs is a legend they're so quiet but they're high key my favorite thing to listen for
  • “MLP is for little girls, grow up!”

    The villains are a pure example of some actual troubles.

    Midnight Sparkle was forced into an action she soon regretted. Isn’t that peer pressure?

    Gloriosa was about to lose something she loved, and declared a fight against it, no matter it was trapping the people she swore to defend.

    Tempest/Fizzlepop experienced childhood trauma and was left alone the rest of her life.

    Chrysalis is a manipulator who had a high chance of marrying someone who they didn’t even love.

    The Dazzlings wanted to enslave the whole school and could’ve even got what they wanted if Sunset Shimmer didn’t step in to help the mane 6.
  • Falcon_Girl
    This day Aira is definitely the best of these in my opinion, because it provides excellent contrast between Chrysalis and Cadance, and it's also dramatic as heck
  • Biz Daretz
    They hit DIFFERENT because FOUR of the FIVE were movies.

    AND the #2 slot was "This Day Aria"... which HONESTLY, was a HUGE turning point for the show.

    It became MORE than just funny bits and friendship problems. It BECAME the Friendship Is Magic that we all know and love.
  • Evimena
    As a kid I never thought about these things, “friendship is magic and therefore always correct”, but now I feel like “no no, the villains have a point”
  • TheNeekyTree
    I remember watching the episodes when I was little, with the 'This Day Aria' plot, and I was in a constant state of shock and awe---Friendship is Magic, but what happens when none of your friends believe you?
  • excuse me what
    Battle of The Bands is not about slavery, I do not know where anyone got that from that is so off the target I expected it to be satire. It's about manipulation 🤦‍♂️. In the song, they start off complimenting everyone to build up trust and merit so when they eventually branch off and feed them droplets of disharmony, it's seen as something out of goodwill. It's meant to be played off as something like a friendly competition but the thing about 'friendly competition' is that generally it's testing both of the participants skills, not trying to see who is better. While the Sirens most certainly wanted to control the ponies, the *SONG* is not about slavery. My God, people, think. 😑
  • Lunasun
    In my humble opinion, Open Up Your Eyes is the best out of all these. I'm definitely biased because me and Tempest hold the same level of 'wow people are kinda shit' trauma but also, the cinematography and the way she sings <3 Love that song so much.
  • Silizi
    "We Will Stand For Everfree" hits so different. Whenever I hear her say "We will stand for Everfree!" I can't get the thought that she's singing "Forever free!" Instead, and it's honestly not far from her motive. She wanted to be free from the guy who's buying the camp that her and her family has had since forever, and she only wanted to keep it, "forever free."
  • Soph the artist
    I never realized just how good they were at singing! This is like broadway type music, and the singers have a lot of emotion; casting for this show definitely wasn't half-assed lol
  • Marina_Ida
    Everyone makes fun of Equestra girls but honestly it has some of the biggest bops lmao
  • リ—ル
    this day aria is a legend, i still sing it every now and then. as a kid i was terrified for candice bc the ending of the song literally sang “oh the wedding we wont make” and proceeded to show the big sclera of the bad candice (the name isnt ringing right now lmao), and i think thats where a part of my anxiety awoke aldkslkdkd. sounds bad but after a few years, i have grown to love musicals and this one is the first few i knew, so i appreciate it very much as an art now!
  • I've always loved Battle Of The Bands and This Day Aria every since I first heard them, I clicked on this video just to make sure they were included as they should be. But I'm disappointed that Under Our Spell wasn't included because as much as I like Battle Of The Bands I think it was better.
  • Aurora Borealis
    I personally think the problems in MLP are really real well thought out. I mean sure, the solution is “friendship” all the time, but the problems itself are really good. Like protecting nature, peer pressure, perfectionist…etc
  • ?Nor¿
    My opinions:

    -Unleash the magic: I like the music and the words, especially because it talks about a serious them, which is manipulation and peer pressure, when I was kid, I loved it and now I understand why, I Iove songs with dark themes! I may not like EG Twilight but I can understand her!

    We will stand for everfree: I like the double sense of it, when Gloriosa says she wants free them but actually she trapped them with her power, the music is so calm but even glorious, I like it, Gloriosa remembers me a lot those villain who does bad things for a good and emotional reason (she wants to making everyone enjoying and save her camp because it was from her parents).

    -Open up your eyes: This songs talks about fake friendship etc.etc, I can relate a LOT with Tempest, even if I didn't watch the film.

    -This Day Aria: I like the duet with the fake Candence ( I forgot her name, help) and the real one, showing the two part of the story and the feeling they have from the groom, I love the meaning so dark and realistic of this song, since there are ppl who wants to marry you, because they can win something.

    -Battle of the bands: I love the Dazzling and ther songs (especially 'Under our spell'), they also a very good and manipulative villains, who wants to make people against each other for their profit and me, who actually likes villains than heroes, well, you can tell I went crazy for them! Their designs, the concept, their songs, EVERYTHING!
  • Arcadia
    Mlp creators:we just need some villain songs. They don't have to be fire, nor so good that you can listen to them 14 years later.
    Mlp song writers, musicians and singers: make them absolute fire. Got it.
  • Cup of Budder
    it's still odd that people consider MLP to only be for little girls when songs like these exist.

    Unleash the magic- manipulation and peer pressure
    We Will Stand for Everfree- fighting high corporations/the rich
    Open Up Your Eyes- childhood trauma
    This Day Aria- forcing someone to love you when you have no desire for them other than to benefit you and other people
    Battle of The Bands- slavery

    and even sounds outside these 5, there's a lot of deep and real world problems in MLP that people overlook simply because of all the bright colors and magic themes. the first episode was literally about brining darkness for eternity, freezing temps, plant life would wither, possibility's of hitting comets or meteors, basically doomsday. there's more to MLP than just friendship and magic, it's filled to the brim with lots of very serious topics and it does it in such a way that kids and even adults will understand.