Brooklyn's Bachelorette Party!

Published 2022-09-21
IT'S MY BACHELORETTE WEEKEND!! I was soooo pumped to have great friends and twin who decided to throw me the best bachelorette weekend ever!

If you see Bailey doing most of the vlogging, it is because I just wanted to enjoy the weekend and still vlog for y’all!

We booked a cool cabin airbnb in Texas on a lake, and had the best time. I invited a handful of friends, old college roommates, sister-in-laws, and siblings! We had everything from matching pjs, to cute sweatshirts, to gift baskets I made for everyone. Of course we had classic bachelorette activities, starting with a girl’s night out! We also played games, swam, and hung out until early in the morning catching up with each other (though losing a lot of sleep haha!). Now I am even more excited to share my wedding with y’all when the time comes!:)

❤️'s - Brooklyn

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All Comments (21)
  • Scruff Diddles
    I love that Bailey agreed to film so Brooklyn can be present in the moment
  • Nancy Herrera
    Brooklyn’s wedding aesthetic is every bookworms ✨dream✨ can’t wait for the wedding photos!!
  • Noa Mac
    I love the whole aesthetic of Brooklyn's engagement/marriage
  • Abby Jensen
    you guys are such a good example that you can still have fun without alcohol or other things we don’t actually need!
  • biuor su
    aaah this looks amazing! so glad y’all had fun
  • Caroline Orr
    I remember in one of your past videos, Bailey said something along the line of "Brooklyn, we need to find you a man that loves you, as much as you love pazookies." And now Brooklyn is getting married!
  • Kami Wadlow
    that is so exciting! loved this so much and I can’t wait for the wedding! I hope you all had the best time ever! I love you all so much!❤
  • Kathryn Filoni
    kamri's vibe is everything also everyone looks beautiful congrats!!
  • Molly Buist
    Looks like so much fun!! So excited for their wedding!!
  • ItsMateo
    Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
  • aliss liou
    This looks so fun! Can’t wait for the wedding.
  • Kaycee Black
    Their relationship is what I dream of having. If I could learn to be like this on my both sides being an Gemini… I was adopted young,and into an big family of seven kids total and my mom needed up single for the last big chunk of our lives. Now, I sit here twenty two in Las Vegas carrying my third child, single, and trying to explore and move with my babies and I… Texas is cute.
  • Awww 🥰 I’m so happy for you guys!! Growing up, getting married, starting businesses, and expanding your platform! You guys are honestly goals 😂
  • This must mean the wedding is around the corner, or it happened already! So exciting!!
  • Lola Weatherly
    If you posting the bachelorette party now since it’s almost been a month ago.. does that mean the wedding is coming up like this weekend 👀. I loved how Carlie did the entire thing! It was a sweet message from Abba how you both are super close since y’all husbands are!! Is Dakota enjoying Texas.. now he’ll have longer seasons of warmth instead of cold! Also his siblings really all look alike in many ways. Cannot wait for more videos of you’re wedding Brooklyn!! Glad many people came out to support you with you’re bachelorette!! Cannot wait to see you’re end results of you’re hair since I saw on instagram!! Also loves what Mindy did for you’re bridal shower!! Love you! Have an amazing day and you’re week! ❤
  • Lily
    Looks like a blast!! Can’t wait for the wedding pics 🎉❤
  • Cely Aguilar
    This looked like so much fun. Doing things that were fun and just being surrounded by your love ones 💚
  • Elle Anne
    This was such a cute video! So lovely to see how excited and happy you are Brooklyn xxx
  • Ximena Vasquez
    This was so genuine and so realistic for everyone 😊