Baby Hippo Raised By Rhinos Meets A Hippo... ❤️ | The Dodo Go Wild

Published 2022-11-22
Baby hippo raised by rhinos didn't even like water ... watch what happens when he finally meets a hippo ❤️

Thanks to @campbellsoup for making it possible to tell this story! Go Wild with Campbell's® Veggie Safari Soup, get yours at

Special thanks to Charlie, Moomin, and the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. For more, you can follow them on Instagram: and check out their YouTube channel: @Zululand Rhino Orphanage. Additional thanks to Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. You can also check them out on Instagram:

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All Comments (21)
  • @acook213
    I love how the sheep in this situation is basically an emotional support animal… for the hippo.
  • @xg1559
    The other rhinos be like “your horn will grow in soon buddy”
  • @Sphynxle
    “Moomin was bonded with a sheep … so the sheep came with.” Rescue pairings are hilarious at times! Who would have ever thought a hippo would bond with a sheep??
  • @nerdtingles
    Dude got friends, a girlfriend and a house what a great life
  • @avikpram
    "Moomin was bonded with a sheep, and so the sheep came with," 😭😭😭 I lost it there.... 😂😂😂 Inter-species friendships are the best
  • @surfrby8876
    This is one of the cutest stories I've ever heard , you have hippos , rhinos and sheep , this would make a wonderful children's book
  • @johnnye87
    Rhino and sheep just giving each other awkward nod-and-smiles like two dads at a playground whose kids are hitting it off.
  • @Ripen3
    The fact that they brought the sheep with them as well is saying something about these lovely caretakers.
  • @speedyflash8
    "We didn't think that we would be able to release him if he thought he was a rhino" 🤣🤣🤣 what a new and cute sentence!!
  • It makes me sad that they had to be separated when they got older, but I’m happy in the knowledge that they were there for one another during a very vulnerable and difficult time for both of them. ❤
  • @user-rk4jr7vz4x
    Moomin is such a perfect hippo name . This absolutely made my day. Thank you.
  • @sechampagne
    This is the cutest story ever lol a hippo that thinks it’s a rhino and a hippo that thinks she’s a sheep end up becoming boyfriend/girlfriend and finally realizes that they are hippos lol
  • @Frosst
    They’re so cute when they’re small but then they grow up to be a force of nature 😂
  • @kimiko495
    How cute they just bond with whatever animals they happen to be paired with! That’s so pure ❤
  • @62cripple
    If there is anything cuter than a baby rhino ,in my 60plus years ,I've never seen it...!🤣😘♥️
  • @karenisak9631
    One thinks he’s a rhino the other thinks he’s a sheep 😂hysterical. I love this story and TY for sharing it. God bless you always
  • Animals can teach us so much. Hope the sheep found a new friend
  • @jeremyroberts39
    Hippo, rhino and a sheep...this is soooo magical...bless yo guys!!! 😊