Match The Parent To The Child

Published 2023-04-08

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  • @rrrrrrrr7860
    I was dying after #1 accidently called the boy Hamza during his story , and with how much he floundered after lol
  • @Chris-gp3vr
    Must've been so weird for the actual parent just listening to the other guys waffling
  • Every time they bring up Einstein and Hamza I die laughing 🤣 Chunkz is effortlessly funny
  • @NeishaNee13
    When she slipped up and called him Zay I knew it was her. She said she had other children, parents mix their names up all the time. Slip of the tongue 😂😂
  • The fact that the mother said he wasnt too attached to his toys and then he sold his toy right after lol
  • Spoiler Alert ‼️ close your eyes if you know how to read: She says he doesn't really care about the toy... 5 seconds later he sells it for 10 pounds. All the proof you needed to know she was the mom.
  • @KrazeBoyy
    "I forget that people are human" while AJs hiding behind the table cracked me up 😂
  • @ac.e8376
    As soon as she talked about the name, it was clear that she's the mother. The others were talking abt themself, but she was talking about him and his name.
  • The fact that the first person kept trying to prove that Ziggy was his kid after call him Hamza, that's determination right there
  • @netLG
    the moment Ziggy sold the "favourite toy", I instantly realised that the mother who said he had no actual attachment to the toy was the parent
  • @alicekralice
    Awww the way she hugs her baby at the end, so sweet 🥹
  • @Glossydolly
    Number 5 was so obvious, this kid is so well spoken like his mumma! Obvious from the second she opened her mouth!
  • @jemmyo6182
    Niko telling Ziggy to cover his ears before threatening Chunkz was so cute 😭😭😭
  • @Zeptre_
    Props to the kid for just chilling for the shoot and props to Niko trying to entertain him 😂 rock paper scissors n shit 😂😂
  • @GOAT31077
    Bro the way Ziggy reacted on the football practice story just gave it away ngl u could see his embarrassed face
  • @urmom-vi3oq
    "she's either an incredible liar or an unbelievable actress" sharky and niko finishing eachother's sentences with their singular shared braincell not realising it means the same thing
  • Niko is so wholesome playing rock paper scissors with Ziggy
  • The way Aj immediately apologized and kept saying sorry was so cute god bless him
  • @lokio1890
    13:47 How #5 reacted to Aj swearing while the kid was there gave it away from me lmao.
  • @TimeLady128
    Ziggys reaction during the coach story gave it away. He is still a little ashamed of it.