Kansas City Chiefs players REVEAL their NFL scripts 😂 #nfl #chiefskingdom #superbowl57 #satire

Published 2023-02-06
We asked Kansas City Chiefs players what they think of their NFL "script"



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#nfl #shorts #eagles #chiefs #funny #superbowl #superbowl57

All Comments (21)
  • @rdsrn365
    This is what they do. Make a joke out of real stuff so it can be dismissed and overlooked
  • @Shadow-vd8ss
    Damar Hamlin must have been fuming reading his script
  • @scottv8124
    You wanna be a millionaire? Do and say what we tell you
  • @broncorik2268
    The script is evolving by the minute depending on what bets come in
  • @GodsInUs
    They sign nondisclosure agreements. None of them were joking
  • @essayegg6990
    They make it out like it’s a joke on the surface but all of them seem to have genuine answers
  • @Jpilgrim30
    What better way to try to dismiss something. Tell the truth while making it look like a joke. 😂
  • @rosielee8847
    lol funny how they making a joke of it when they never did shot like that before 😂😂
  • @thirst4wisdom
    Nice reverse psychology attempt. The games are easy to pick a part because we know the numbers....😅
  • I’m so glad so many people caught on to the sarcasm they use to hide truth in plain sight . I could shed a tear 🥲 a few years ago there woulda been maybe one person who saw it …the awakening cannot be stopped mwahahahaha
  • Nfl players sign a contract to not admit the scripts. All of the players speaking above are under contract. Millions of dollars will make anyone lie about the scripts or go unemployed.