What Is The Biggest Thing In The Universe?

Published 2024-04-18
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Written by @PaulMSutter
Check out his fantastic YouTube channel and podcast for more: www.pmsutter.com/shows/askaspaceman
And his books which inspired this video: www.pmsutter.com/books

Huge thanks to Daniel Pomarède for the use of his visualizations of our local cosmological neighborhood, voids, and Laniakea: twitter.com/danielpomarede

Narrated by David Kelly
Edited by @ArtandContext (Manuel Rubio) and David Kelly
Thumbnail art by Ettore Mazza: www.instagram.com/ettore.mazza/?hl=en
Sound Editing by Craig Stevenson
3D Visualizations by Xinyu Gao
Big thanks to Dr Miguel Aragon and Dr Mark Neyrink for their model of Bootes
Animations by the superb Jero Squartini www.fiverr.com/share/0v7Kjv using Manim - MIT License, (c) 2020-2023 3Blue1Brown LLC
Laniakea animation by Alperaym

Galaxies, space videos from NASA, ESO, and ESA and The IllustrisTNG Project: www.tng-project.org/
Music from Epidemic Sound, Artlist, Silver Maple and Yehezkel Raz.
Stock footage from Videoblocks, Artgrid and Shutterstock.

00:00 Introduction
04:50 Mapping The Universe
13:34 Into The Great Unknown
26:34 Supervoids
44:46 Eating The Universe

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  • @NikHem343
    It‘s absolutely insane to me that we are even remotely able to map the universe on this scale, given how incomprehensibly large the scales we are talking about are.
  • @yourbuddyunit
    King Ghidorah supercluster is probably the coolest astrophysical name I've ever had.
  • @chaerodactyl
    the similarities in structure between the cosmic web, nervous systems, and mycorrhizal networks strike me as one of the fundamental fractals of existence & information
  • @0ptimal
    The scale of the universe is beyond words. Spending just a moment considering it is enough to dramatically tune your perspective. Seems the universes size is indicative of its depth, what we think we know about life, ourselves, is just an inconceivablly tiny speck of what there is to know.
  • @MikkaUmai
    the quality of the narrative script of the documentaries made by this channel is absolutely amazing!!!!
  • @ROCHAK69U
    anyone play this to fall asleep i do it everyday religiously i can’t sleep without this chanel’s video
  • @mikenative
    Legendary, I love it when a new episode comes out. HOTU is my absolute favourite thing on YouTube
  • @user-cb2tv3ee3o
    Boy how to cheer me up after a rough day : new video of my favourite channel
  • @Switchy
    I seriously. SERIOUSLY love these videos. This channel is one of the best on YouTube
  • @turkicnomad5632
    The scales of the universe are so immense that it’s too inconceivable for me to even grasp what’s being shown, but there is one thing that always knocks the wind out of me. This is just the observable universe.
  • @pathayes1757
    I’m very appreciative of the hard work that goes into researching these videos, and in awe of your script writing skills.
  • @jholt03
    This is by far my favorite channel to smoke out to. I feel like the channel's subtitle should be "Whoa dude!"
  • @ryanquick1824
    FUN FACT :: even atoms themselves ARE mostly empty space. i find it to be REALLY, QUITE AWESOME that such an arrangement ALSO extends to large scales such as that of our entire known universe.
  • I love this channel so much, i really like astronomy and philosophy content, and i'm usually very picky about which videos to choose to look at and which channel to subscribe to, but this channel has it ALL! - Consistent rich information to learn from - Amazing visuals that aligns with the content - An animator with a soothing voice - A philosophical angle - Takes you to a whole other realm - Shows new perspectives of life and makes you ask urself new questions - Lenghty videos that i can also sleep to - Public and easy access without too much annoying included ads This whole channel is absolute perfection! Keep up the good work, i am so happy whenever a new video drops! 💙 Lots of love and admiration to all the people who work on this 🙏 (from Morocco)
  • @cosasverdes
    YES! Another video is just what I needed. Thanks for keeping the output at a solid pace. If you make it, we will watch.