Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Cinematic Trailer

Published 2022-09-17
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In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise, a mysterious substance has appeared on the Island. Chrome will consume all, Chrome will be all. Embrace the Chrome by turning structures Chrome, making yourself Chrome, and proving the power of Chrome weapons.

Assemble an eclectic crew in your enjoyment of paradise. With this Season’s Battle Pass purchase, you’ll immediately unlock Paradigm (Reality-659). Progress through the Battle Pass to unlock Spider-Gwen plus the following characters:

Bytes, Grriz, Meow Skulls, Lennox Rose, Twyn, and later on for the taking… The Herald!

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All Comments (21)
  • Chaden
    I hope we get more trailers like this with dialogue.
  • Con
    Fortnite has been getting a lot better with their cinematics. This is really cool!
  • sonicgalaxy27
    Whoever did the cinematic deserved a huge raise.
  • TimeBucks
    This looks like a very wholesome season
  • Daft Vader
    This looks like a very wholesome season with absolutely no impending doom
  • I Talk
    Everything is chrome in the future.
  • Noj Quotes
    I’ve been playing this game for 5 years and this game still manages to hype me up for a new season
  • I got back into the game at chapter 3 season 2 after leaving in chapter 1 season 5 the game has improved so much since then! Im actually hyped for what this season will bring. I wish I didn’t miss out some of the old seasons though
  • Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos? It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that
  • Sammy MJ
    You know this season will be better if it revives the whole 'battle pass trailer'.
  • Pakistani
    This looks so AMAZING!! Really hyped for this and waiting to see how it turns out!!
  • 0:00 at the beginning of the trailer, you can see that the map is from season 2 because of no mushroom biome there, The blimp’s are all in it’s original spot and the windmill island is still there
  • My favorite part was when they said "It's Chromin' Time" , and chromed through the entirety of the fortnite island. Truly one of the greatest cinematic trailers of all time.
  • Shifty
    Really exited, hopefully this season will continue with the storyline and bring more newcomers
  • Hycha Thao
    That looks sick and loving the storyline of it. Really excited for the new season 💯
  • Arshon Pishkari
    The teasers this season look unique 👌can't wait to see what it has to offer 👀
  • Bro I forgot that they can talk now that they freed the zero point! Seeing them interact and actually talk with one another was SO cool to me! That alone probably makes this the best cinematic trailer without question (I know I’m going to start a fight 😈)