Legends Never Die - Opening Ceremony | 2017 World Championship Finals

Published 2018-11-15
The Opening Ceremony of the 2017 League of Legends World Championship Finals in Beijing, China, featuring Against The Current's performance of 'Legends Never Die' #worlds2017

Relive the legendary League of Legends moment of the Elder Dragon taking flight in Bejing, China as Chrissy Costanza and Against The Current perform 'Legends Never Die.'

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  • @lolesports
    Where does this rank in your favorite Worlds Opening Ceremonies?
  • @infwin5944
    still the best opening ceremony after all these years
  • @chakelata
    Everytime it gets near the next Worlds Finals I come back to watch its openings, I'm all chills and tears with this one. Just amazing.
  • She seemed nervous at the start, but damb, she started OWNING! She found her confidence the closer she got to the audience. She rules! 1:00
  • @SounDTrack007
    Tf is wrong with people with negative comments. Nobody could perform such a high pitch song infront of such large audience perfectly, without pre-recorded track playing in the background. And Chrissy had the confidence to do it live. She performed the high pitch very well too.
  • @calebjacob4196
    Can't believe Riot hired a real dragon just for this. Amazing.
  • @emanbibar4159
    This opening ceremony never gets old.

    I’m still listening to this song.
  • @vidiota
    This is the best opening, every single year I watch the new opening ceremonies, and it isn't the same. 2017 better than any other.
  • @Fuzziestwuzzy
    Best opening of any event in history. My god Crissy slayed this, it just sounds so incredibly real.
  • @jamesliong7102
    Faker still here on the top and making world final 2023, is what represents this songs fully.
  • @CinfulArts
    Other games: We have the best opening ceremonies

    League: Yeah but we have a dragon
  • @vinigraveto
    After 5 years here I am watching again and feeling all same chills that I’ve felt at the first time
  • The Song is all about T1 and Faker. They have fallen but they will never die. After 6 years and now "Gods " T1 and Faker rise again.
  • @Chameleon569
    Stunning! She was really off in the beginning but after she landed back with her group, she starting owning it and once the teams came in and dragon left she unleashed the legend within and gave her lungs away
  • Still my fav-opening. Her voice is incredible and gets stronger after singing a while. I love it. And the part the dragon is entering kills me every time.
  • She wasn't singing on tune at the beginning, however near the mid of the presentation she started singing in tune again, and after the dragon left, she nailed everything perfectly and beautifully.
  • One of the best opening ceremony..... It still gives me goosebumps