Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @Emirichu

Published 2022-07-27
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All Comments (21)
  • Phia!
    Connor smiles with glee whenever a new person moves to Japan because he gets a new victim to bring to crane games
  • Troveion
    I enjoy how Emily's choices were entirely based off cuteness
  • CaptainSkullKidd
    I find it hilariously ironic that Emirichu was the first one smart enough to try running off with Connors money.
  • 26:08 lmao the way Emily walked up to Conner with the bag full of plushies saying “what’s up bitch” was hilarious 😂😂🤣
  • Kiio NutMeg
    To add insult to injury, Connor had a coin roll under the machine behind him at 21:53.
  • Miss Palindrome
    Whenever I see Connor play Cinnamoroll crane games now I grin with wholesomeness, because I know he'll just end up shipping them to Mouse for another $300.
  • Michael Ryan
    I love the character development of Connor, it used to be that he would always get at least one Rem for himself when he makes these videos, he still does that, and now he also gets at least one Cinnamoroll for Mousey as well because he knows how happy they make her. Thats true friendship.
  • Epic Gamer UwU
    Both hauls were amazing- However, as a New Zealander, seeing Emily get not one, but two Kiwis- It made me so happy, therefore my vote is for Emily :D
  • Jupiter
    Gotta respect Emily's sheer determination to procure everything that's chonky and cute.
  • gg nie
    I love that Cinnamorolls are being widely accepted as "Ironmouse bait" in the Crane Game Video Lore
  • Smo0LLy
    It's so sweet to see Connor trying hard to get the exact plush that Mouse loves so much ❤
  • Jeggyyy
    Emily's commitment to chonky birds is actually commendable
  • Dassuru
    the fact that Conner always goes out of his way to get something to send to Ironmouse is so sweet. Stan their friendship
  • XRose TheGreat
    connor trying to get kuromi because he thought she was cinnamon roll is honestly very sweet
  • birthday cake
    the fact that conner doesnt know the difference between kuromi and cinnamoroll is SENDING MEEEEEE
  • Animator22
    I see what Connor does, tells other YouTubers to move to Japan so he can challenge them. Hey keeps the series going cus I like them.
  • Krulty
    Honestly of all the things in those machine, the thing I'd want most is one of those plush logs that they use for a platform for a soft landing.
  • Fuzzy Stripetail
    Emily's beginner's luck at successfully capturing that plushie on her first try quickly turned ice cold when she failed multiple times at getting that adorable penguin despite using her patented back area grabbing approach.
  • rapthor666
    Emi keeping that high energy up is no thing short of an achievement
    Great episode of "help me, I'm addicted to crane games"
  • mario98730
    I need a Daidus crane game vid so bad he would be either get everything on 1 try or even more heated than Chris was 😂