Selfie Waves

Published 2022-11-17
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White House tour social media ban:…


Chauvet cave:

“Exploring the Selfie”:…………

Chimp looking in water image:…

Smithsonian Magazine article on Cornelius:…

Smithsonian archive page for Fitz’s selfie:

Hippolyte Bayard:

“Is Cereal Soup?” Vsauce video:    • Is Cereal Soup?  

MV Lobethal:

Mirror selfie from Ginnigan on reddit:

Byron extended arm selfie:…

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova:……

Perkins teenage self-portrait:…

early selfie sticks:

Byron “usie”:…

Jhoane Baterna-Pateña:

Historical images re-imagined as selfies:…

Vivian Maier:

instant cameras:…

Michael Collins’ reverse-selfie:…

First selfie-stick patent:

Lester Wisbrod:

   • Me and....…


First camera phone picture:…

“Here I Am Taking My Own Picture” (nytimes) 2006:…

Oldest recorded use of “seflie”:……
(archive of forum post):…

Aussie slang:………

“selfie” as word of the year:


“The Return of the Selfie” (New Yorker):…

Kardashian belfie pic:…

Belfie stick:


additional images:

All Comments (21)
  • @Glyceriner
    Micheal is the only person who can start a video with an illegal pooping selfie and everyone just immediately accepts it
  • @Nick-vr6fe
    I love how after alllll these years, Vsauce still uses the same music in the background of the videos, it really adds to the nostalgia.
  • @hensen5309
    Bek was definitely an honest guy. He made his stomach expel more than any other piece of the chiseling
  • @kiddkudos5851
    this guy michael really meant alot to me watching him in the last 10 years. hes helped my aniexty and is very calming to watch. being "Schizoaffective" that i am. he has really shown me a better way to look at reality in a positive light. just wanted to say "thank you" even tho he wil proly never see this.
  • @GrandmaaiamMusic
    Michael is the only person who goes so deep into a topic that’s so bland and still manages to entertain us.
  • @UnknownMFe
    It is surreal how Michael is still the exact same person he was 10 years ago. We love this dude and he will never change
  • @kylehill
    Another example of a perfect explainer video.
  • @Spufflez
    As someone who was into blogging in the early 2010s, I remember when the terms "selca" (a shortening of the phrase self camera) and "GPOY" (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself) were used instead of the word "selfie." Both myself and other bloggers would use these terms until the popularity of the word "selfie" took off. I think it's really interesting that these phrases aren't used much anymore compared to the word "selfie."
  • I genuinely love the fact that I haven't watched a vsauce video since like 2015 but when I come back to your channel, EVERYTHING IS THE EXACT SAME!!! So much nostalgia comes flooding back and there's something strangely comforting about it. The intro, the music, the font, I remember it all.
  • @entrace1
    We need more Vsauce vidoes!

    Hop in the train, lets make this happen.

  • I will probably never be able to understand how Michael is able to manipulate his videos the way he does, a true master of an art 🙏
  • @ironicanimewatcher
    Micheal openly confessing to a federal crime to start a video is actually completely in character
  • @SkNero
    The Hiromix photos show a kind of intimacy that people, to this day, try to replicate. Many would define it as an "aesthetic" or a "vibe". It is truely beautiful to see how these photos have aged and how we have came closer to that kind of self depiction compared to the early 2010s.
  • @stephenspilman68
    Im so glad michael is still around. I was rewatching the howtobasic face reveal and saw michael and got a huge wave of nostalgia. You made my childhood enjoyable. Cheers man. Happy almost 13th anniversary.
  • I love that Micheal is making old school style vsauce again! It's been my favorite channel since I started watching YouTube... And that was a long time ago.
  • @Deluca-Piano
    You still capture that original old-school YouTube charm with your videos. I love your videos man. We need more! I love your old soundtrack too, it really makes the videos feel perfect. I wish you would start doing monthly videos again. Keep up the amazing work, thanks for being curious.
  • @Izzmonster
    This video makes me very happy in a weird, nostalgic kind of way. We loke to think of people in the past as different than us, but this just shows us that we're not that different from each other, even people who lived thousands of years ago.
  • @supertracker9823
    Can always count on Vsauce to turn a simple question into a 25 minutes history lesson.
  • @emmabirrell1974
    Micheal is the only person who can find something so simple and make it seem like such a deep topic