Eminem - Full Live at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2022 Induction ft. Ed Sheeran & Steven Tyler (4K)

Published 2022-11-20
0:00 Dr. Dre Talkin
0:14 My Name Is
0:38 Rap God
3:34 Dream On (Steven Tyler)
4:22 Sing For The Moment
5:36 Stan ft. Ed Sheeran
7:46 Forever
9:26 Not Afraid
11:16 Eminem Talkin Abaut How The Rap Save his life
12:45 Eminem's Rapper List
16:33 Special Thanks

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All Comments (21)
  • Servant 13
    I’m 74 years old and so glad I lived to see Eminem get inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame during his own lifetime. He is the Shakespeare of this genre.
  • I think what makes Eminem great is his ability to switch styles easily from comic to aggressive to narrative to confessional etc. Most rappers have one style of delivery, Eminem does them all.
  • Eirik L
    That little bump between Eminem and Steven Tyler... are one of the best cold moments in music history.
  • Diogo Zezere
    This man is 100% him on stage, no bulshit, no efects, just pure rap, 100% autentic... THE GOAT 🐐👏
  • Samantha Adams
    I love how Steven Tyler took backseat to Em and loved every minute of it 😍 Mad respect 💯
  • Pete P
    The fact that EMINEM literally sang all his songs himself...rather than other artists doing tributes to him. Just proves no one can do what he does with the mic.
  • Dora mendes
    I was raised a metalhead but Em was the only rapper I have always loved. ❤️
  • OG Honda Grom
    Ed Sheeran and Eminem was a combo I didn’t know I needed damn!
  • Krutik Morekar
    I got teary watching this whole thing. I repeat no one will be ever like him ever so proud of him
  • Richard Corcoran
    I feel honoured to have been alive to witness his entire career. One of the greatest artists of any genre, ever.
  • Laurita222
    I am so happy he performed “Sing For the Moment”
    Because the lyrics are immortal, and that 3rd verse touches me every time
  • Zualtei Tweety
    Ain't nobody gonna top the legacy he made for hip hop. He said music saved his life, and he saved many2 lives through his music. The complete devotion, the respect and always paying homage to all who inspire him, the brutal honesty, the fact that he never back down, the loyalty and most of all the pain and struggle to raise his daughter the right way despite the many controversy,. So low key on celebrity life and so humble., he really is the Greatest.
  • Louise Woodward
    Why am I sat crying over a complete stranger? Hold up, em is no stranger! He's the music I grew up with, the most creative being I've ever heard, someone who had a childhood as bad as mine. Congratulations Marshall! NOBODY deserves this more than you. I can't go a whole day without listening to the best of Em, it's my routine every Thursday on my way to night school to put Em on! There will never be anybody better for me
  • E Nix
    I'm so proud of and for him. I was born in 1990 and have grown up on Em. I became super obsessed with him for a couple of years starting at age 10 when the Marshall Mathers LP was released...then became more of a fan on the metal/rock genre by age 12, but Em was always still in my CD case. I can still listen to The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show from start to finish to this day. While my music taste does still lean more towards metal, I've always loved him and also love songs scattered here and there of his newer stuff too....though I may not be a faithful follower of everything he's dropped in recent years (I didn't hear Rap God until it was 5 years old 😬😅) I WILL SAY.... he has been and will always be PHENOMENAL and if anyone deserved this from making music in my generation it's 100,000,000% Eminem. 💕❤️💕
  • Akmal Mall
    2004 when I had an accident, I had been following Eminem for a long time. I lost my memory for 1 year, my friend took me to a cyber cafe and he said I liked listening to Eminem's songs on repeat the most. After 1 year I remembered
  • hobbs342
    Love his level of respect for all those legendary artists
  • Not only to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show but to also be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that’s one hell of a year