Our Hamsters

Published 2016-11-12

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  • @EndMostPlot
    I love how James always says his mom was really strict but she got him like 3 dogs 7 cats and like 20 hamsters
  • Dang I wish pet stores could actually teach people how to properly care for hamsters
  • @Nyanbinary
    My 6 year old just lost their hamster (first pet) today, your videos bring them such joy, it comforted them to know you can relate.
  • I had a hamster Her name was Stardust 😢❤ she only lived a month with me, i think
  • @user-sk2uf4lt4k
    Anyone else notice nearly all the sister hamsters had a dramatic life but his had a peaceful life? 🤣
  • @benhaley3808
    As a YouTube person I can say that cat videos and dumb drama is what YouTube loves
  • @yangyul4234
    I bet hamsters will like sit around in heaven and just tell each other like "oh how did you die?" And they would have the most diverse and interesting yet awful stories ever
  • When I was in Kindergarten and 1st Grade, our teacher got two gerbils as classroom pets. At first, they got along well and cuddled together, but they eventually started fighting and had to be separated. The teacher tried to reintroduce them, but they chased each other around the cage and one of them bit her finger when she tried to separate them.
  • What humans see: Awwww what a cute hamster!

    Georgie: DINNER
  • @blankscreen6731
    These are the notes I took for hamsters until I might get one
    Put in quiet place
    Do not bathe them because they do it themselves and bad for them
    Put pet safe sand in cage
    Don’t wake up hamster
    Play at afternoon
    No strong smells like citrus smells and olive oil
    don’t change regularly even slight changes
    No dirty or smelly homes so be clean!!
    Clean cage regularly not to often tho
    No wiping down everything like full cage clean only spot clean
    Keep one hamster in one territory
    Not enough space to exercise is bad large as possible
    At least 6 inches on bedding for hamster
    Young children ( i am not that young >:(
    No predators around hamster
    New people= scared hamster
    No place to hide = 👎 and don’t peek in their hide out or enter it
    No picking up hamster becuase they are prey animals but if they get used to your hand or feel comfortable around u and is trained then yes,you may pick them up and knows that they r not going to hurt them
    No dressing hamster 🐹
    Hamsters hate traveling
    Don’t chase after hamster they will be frightened and will decrease there health and will dislike u
    No Guinea pig or rabbit with hamster
    Don’t just feed hamsters seeds and 🌽 corn wide verity of food
    No small cage LARGE space :)
    Small cage= sad hamster 🐹
    Vet visits or emergencies u can wake up hamster
    Don’t take hamster outside ,bugs and parasites dog and cats and eagles and hamster can be lost 😞
    Give hamster sand bathe not WATER BATHE NO WATER BATHE >:(
    No holding hamster high
    Bar biting= u need a bigger cage :( and stress thing or its a habit for hamster to get attention to get out or want more treats monkey baring is also the same and pacing these thing are very dangerous and wall scaling is same
    U can give a 10 inch or more bedding for the hamster to make burrows
    Pine shavings,cedar shavings,and scented bedding are not good bedding
    Safe beddings are
    Paper based beddings aspen shavings birch shavings and spruce shavings
    Ripped up toilet paper ripped up newspaper paper pellets wood pellets are not good for burrowing
    No fabrics
    Non scented toilet paper is good
    Hamster wheel is good
    Silent runners silent runners and wodent wheel nite angel wheels and cork and wooden wheels are safe too but the wooden ones must be smooth and flat
    Wheel must be big and large
    No flying saucer wheel no hamster ball either use a play pen instead
    No enrichment is bad too
    Diet:feed hamsters
    Kerbs vegetables seeds insects grains seeds and sometimes small mammals( and no commercial hamster) chop food in small portions
    Hamsters need water fresh water each day
  • let’s just appreciate how much time odd1sout puts in to his videos
  • @kcattattack9933
    Growing up we had a lot of pets. Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Mice, Rats, Bunnies, Cats, Dogs... At one time we had a small farm with chickens and pigs and such. The most traumatic death was one of our little black hamsters. We had an old house and the people who owned it before us drilled holes in the wood floor to run a sound system. Some of the holes went strain to the basement, the scary Michigan style basement. As a proud winter state family my brothers played street hockey and ice hockey. I had a pretty mean slap shot myself. Anyway! We stored their hockey net in the basement. Backstory finished. The hamster got out, fell through a hole in the floor and got gruesomely hung by the hockey net. We all cried.
  • This reminds me of a story about a rat that my dad saved from a cat, his name was dayday and my sister accidentally stepped on his tail and took the end of it off, he lived the normal five years but I was too young to know what death was so when I woke up and went to tell him good morning, he never woke up, that’s how I learn about death, also I didn’t sleep for a few days after that, I was too sad to sleep. Thank you for your time
  • @jumperaeh636
    Hopefully you used the right standards for hamster care. Always do your research before getting any animal :)
    Also, my dog actually is fine with my hamster lol
  • @minch3925
    I have a story that was similar to James' "Hamster Stuck In The Wall" story. Me, my sister, and my dad have 5 ferrets and one of them got stuck in the wall because there was a whole under the dishwasher and when my mom came over to dye my sister's hair, she poked her head out of the whole under the dishwasher. She was stuck in the walls for only 30 hours.
  • @kxrpsy
    I had a hamster when I was around 6 or 7 years old. Her name was Molly. She was so fluffy and had white furr. She once bit my friend and pooped on my mom. When she died, we put her in a fancy box that my dad bought for some reason and went to my favourite lake. We buried her under the biggest tree. I still go to to that one tree (now I am 12 and soon 13, so around 6 years have passed) to collect some daisy's and put them in front of her grave. RIP, Molly 🌼💖 our little snowball
  • @brenny114
    Happy birthday Georgie. Fly high🕊