Our Hamsters

Published 2016-11-12
Hamsters are great because they teach you about death at a young age. Man all this talk about hamsters makes me want to get some more. Thanks for watching, I'll miss you Bro-dents!


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  • @Nether1Ninja
    my 4 year old sister threw our hamster against the wall....she didn't die thankfully, but it scared me to death
  • @Nyanbinary
    My 6 year old just lost their hamster (first pet) today, your videos bring them such joy, it comforted them to know you can relate.
  • I love how James always says his mom was really strict but she got him like 3 dogs 7 cats and like 20 hamsters

    edit: holy shit why did this get so many likes wth
  • Your mom sounds so sweet and caring but also strict when she needs to be. I adore her
  • @unknownyt2120
    James your mom is a legend for getting you a whole pet zoo lol
  • @Superstoreeditz
    I had a hamster and loved him so much. He was a lil russian dwarf hamster and he was white so I called him MC hammy. It was Easter Day. I got out of the shower and looked into his cage. He was sitting in the doorway of his wooden cottage. He loved scriches behind his ears so I gave him one and he didn’t move. I picked him up and saw he was barely moving. I started screaming and my dad came up and knew immediately. He told me that he was a great hamster and was very old. I came downstairs with him in my hands, sat on the couch and held him. I waited. About 45 minutes later, he had taken his last breath. The last month before this, he had been dealing with some health issues and I knew it was coming. My mum wasn’t even there to comfort me bc she was at work. I was devastated. The next day I went to a garden centre and got a ceramic pot and painted it with him on it and his name and a bunch of stuff he liked. Then we wrapped him up in tissue, put some soil in it, a layer of his bedding, his body in the tissue, more of his bedding and more soil. We planted tulips and they have flowered.

    Really miss you buddy. Fly high 🕊️💔
  • @yangyul4234
    I bet hamsters will like sit around in heaven and just tell each other like "oh how did you die?" And they would have the most diverse and interesting yet awful stories ever
  • When I was in Kindergarten and 1st Grade, our teacher got two gerbils as classroom pets. At first, they got along well and cuddled together, but they eventually started fighting and had to be separated. The teacher tried to reintroduce them, but they chased each other around the cage and one of them bit her finger when she tried to separate them.
  • @Wolfisthebest
    Anyone else notice nearly all the sister hamsters had a dramatic life but his had a peaceful life? 🤣
  • @Libbyplays1735
    I got a hamster called buddy and looked just like yours! He escaped too but got back in his cage all by himself when we weren't looking! It's very similar to your story! :D
  • @Lunar_the_enby
    This video helped with my dwarf hamsters, we didnt know that the species hated eachother
  • @goddamm92
    I got a little black gerbil (named Noire) last Christmas, and Squeaks kind of reminds me of her. Noire absolutely LOVES sunflower seeds and every night she scurries about, runs on her wheel and makes little tunnels.
    Because it’s not like she already has a tunnel
  • @falckight9803
    My hamster was some kind of hardcore survivor.
    He fell off 3 floors and was perfectly fine.
    We lost him 2 times but still found him.
    He lived 3 years.
    Rest In Peace, Gunter.

    Just gonna edit for the people that don’t understand: WE have a 3 story house, not the hamster
  • @kcattattack
    Growing up we had a lot of pets. Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Mice, Rats, Bunnies, Cats, Dogs... At one time we had a small farm with chickens and pigs and such. The most traumatic death was one of our little black hamsters. We had an old house and the people who owned it before us drilled holes in the wood floor to run a sound system. Some of the holes went strain to the basement, the scary Michigan style basement. As a proud winter state family my brothers played street hockey and ice hockey. I had a pretty mean slap shot myself. Anyway! We stored their hockey net in the basement. Backstory finished. The hamster got out, fell through a hole in the floor and got gruesomely hung by the hockey net. We all cried.
  • @imnotzullux8215
    5:16 probably the best picture hes ever drawn yet. look at the his legs. so well drawn and so accurate.
  • @Rainey-Sky
    I’ve got a westie, her names lily and she’s 13! Her favourite thing to do is sleep and play with toys lol
  • This reminds me of a story about a rat that my dad saved from a cat, his name was dayday and my sister accidentally stepped on his tail and took the end of it off, he lived the normal five years but I was too young to know what death was so when I woke up and went to tell him good morning, he never woke up, that’s how I learn about death, also I didn’t sleep for a few days after that, I was too sad to sleep. Thank you for your time
  • @reptillicus4753
    I only ever had two hamsters both female. Their names were Peaches and Cream cause one was orange and white and the other was pure white. And they both lived for a year and a half before passing away peacefully. I was like 6 so I don’t remember if there were any shenanigans but I did love them quite a lot.
  • @apollofinlay
    Rest in piece Georgie, we will always remember you. ❤️
  • @Lightray110
    I had a one eyed hamster called Boris. He was fun. Also I laughed myself into a coughing fit at shot of Georgie in the "But the dog got him first" bit LMAO