Indila - S.O.S

Published 2014-06-27

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  • Inori Yuzuriha
    Amo esta canción! su melodía, su letra simplemente perfectas 💕
  • PhipheeDancee
    Gracias Britney por presentarme tremenda canción 🔥💙
  • Nusia
    Nice 💗 I love music
  • lolli pop
    7 years later, If you're still listening this song, you're a legend.
  • Schwarzy
    discovered this in 2014 a few months after its release, i was 14 then and taking french classes and i used this song to practice the language ahaha i dissected every phrase and translated each word. 8 years later i forgot most of my french but i still memorize this song and understand it perfectly . Most importantly the lyrics really resonates with me now coz i can relate to it.
  • Alexandel Howl
    I came here after seeing Britney Spears dancing and crying to it , beautiful song. 🥺🤍
  • Era essa a música que Britney dançou chorando? Gostei 👍 👍 👍
  • Speedy Snail
    It’s been 5 years and I still never get tired of this song.
  • Claire Lemaire
    Cette femme est une superbe artiste j'aimerais l'entendre tellement plus souvent
  • A mulher mais linda da França, da Europa, dos Hemisférios,da Terra, da ViaLáctea, do Universo, a "Moça mais bela do mundo, ela é singular, única, LiNDA INDiLA é mágica!!! Parabéns pelo aniversário, que Deus a proteja, que seja e esteja feliz!!!
    27 06 2022 17:40 hrs São Paulo Brasil
  • la primera vez que la escuche se me hizo un nudo en la garganta ya que pasaba por un momento tan dificil y pedia tantas señales de s.o.s :,)
  • I listened to this all the time when I was learning French in school, it's been years and I remember next to nothing from the lessons, but I still remember loving this song
  • N. HLT
    Dommage qu'Indila n'ait jamais représenté la France à l'eurovision. Elle a tant de talents ( auteure, compositrice, interprète) et une musique tellement appréciée à l'international.