We Went To The Championship In Our FIRST Tournament! (DEUCES 7on7)

Published 2023-03-16

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  • truulysaia
    Man if y’all practice I swear y’all could create even more chemistry
  • 36_banz_ty
    So are we gonna act like Zack didn’t say”three pillars line em up bend em over and finish the job”😂😂
  • BlameSolo
    I can’t be the only one who’s sick of how smooth his commercial transitions are😂😂
  • That last game was rough, you can really tell when teams are well composed together. Hopefully these boys can get their mesh.
  • ItsChris
    Coming home from school/practice and seeing AJ upload gotta be a top 5 feeling 😭
  • BraygonCrazy
    We all know when AJ post it’s always fire🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Can't lie dudes was out there throwing some straight snipers!! Like crosshairs to the chest while moving!
  • aj all yo vids crazy af and cool, and imagine if y’all practiced, the chemistry and the hype and the power they would have over other teams that would be mad crazy.
  • Nae
    Yea Aj u need to get them all to practice together on specific days to build their chemistry
  • frosty
    We know that every time aj posts the vid is fire
  • P1uggin
    everytime AJ posts a new video my mood just shoots up. Love the content and hope u have a good day!
  • Oneway Mik3
    Me personally I wouldn’t let someone tell me switch hands 😂😂😂
  • uwu _ autumn
    One thing I love about AJ is that he announces his ads 😂
  • BDTeditz
    Love ur content keep up the good work AJ
  • Jennifer Selby
    I am not a huge football fan, but your entertaining! So now I'm interested😂😂
  • Crafty shooter
    Zach/shiftys energy is different💯 but next week that chemistry is gonna go suuuuupid💯
  • King of Thunder
    I’m not gonna lie it calling him long is definitely a pause 😂