This Is What Planets Looked Like 4 Billion Years Ago 😳

Published 2022-09-21

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  • @watcmov
    bro dropped out of 2nd grade
  • @_DaffyThug_
    "Did it even exist back then"
    Why does this have 1000 likes i just repeated something he said in the video that was stupid
  • @Neutral_001
    If you ever feel dumb, just remember that this guy exists.
  • @sunooluv_2
    Did it even exist then?
    Hm idk did space exist then?.. hmmm let’s do our research
  • @isegeese
    i'm becoming dumber just by watching this 💀
  • @HYST3RIA..
    I think you meant Saturn but the fact still lands, Jupiter does infact have rings
  • @Ai.issocool
    Thank you, I have a medical condition called breathing and you just made me stop.
  • I dont feel bad for this guy, no. I feel bad for the 6.4k people who liked this video and AGREED with every bullshit nonsensical fact that he just spat at them. People do anything for content these days, fucking hell.
  • broski said “back in the day” like he was there to see these planets form
  • @rambo4690
    prop to cameraman capturing this miracle event
  • @enderfall2929
    Dude actually just asked if the planet existed when it’s been around for probably billions of years