One Day in the Coldest Village on Earth | Yakutia

Published 2022-03-02
Documentary movie about life in Yakutia, the coldest inhabited region on Earth with the lowest recorded temperature -71°C (-95°F) and the average winter temperature -50°C (-58°F).

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2 video "Spring in Yakutia" with Arian and his family:
3 video "How We Prepare for Winter" with Arian and his family:
4 video "Summer in Yakutia" with Arian and his family:
5 video "Traditional Yakutian Ice Fishing Munkha" with Arian and his family:

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  • Kiun B
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  • _pampeop
    arian is one of those kids who gets to say when he’s older “ya, i used to go to school in the freezing cold, had to climb mountains and stuff”
  • AJ etc
    I love how that kid is like nearly freezing to death on his way to school, and a dog just trots by completely fine. Not even a husky, just a random collie dog.
  • Nancy Garcia
    10/10 for the camera crew as well, who are not used at all to this weather and recorded this masterpiece
  • Renee M Carr
    Amazing how this 9 year old knows more about surviving than the average 45 year old outdoorsman. He's chopping firewood and seems like such a great kid. Hard work teaches great character and its lacking in most parts of the world.
  • Molly Dooker
    It’s content like this that makes me love the internet. Just meeting a lovely family from the other side of the planet. On the last line… as my Irish father used to say ‘ there’s no such thing as bad weather , only the wrong clothes’.
  • Phil
    Props to the people filming, I can’t imagine spending an entire day in a place like that, especially if you’re not used to it. And of course Arian and his family seem so hardworking, and I wish them the best of luck.
  • natsuminofan
    Very enlightening ending line: "After all, there is no such thing as bad weather; there is just weather and your attitude towards it."
  • Michael Coffman
    "Today was relatively warm, about -40°F"

    As a Floridian I'd die
  • Frank Conrad
    These are literally model parents. Even in the harshest conditions, their dedication to not only their livelihood and survival but family too is incredible. Reminds me of alot of those families up here in Alaska… except the cold where this kid is at seems much harsher.
  • Jozsef Varga
    And the dogs are happily walking outside all day... Wonderful animals
  • Ed González
    What a place! The family values are STRONG. The unity, respect and care for each other is humbling. Truly beautiful people.
  • adan urias
    I've been working my way to taking cold baths and accepting the cold. Watching this made my heart race in a good way. This was amazing to watch, thank you!
  • StonyRC
    MASSIVE respect to the people of Yakutia. These are folk who really do understand the value of home, family, food, education and society.
  • Deborah Turner
    I very much enjoyed your story. I teach 13 year olds American History in my home city of Lindale in the state of Texas, USA. What I admire is how Arian and his classmates cherish school and see it as prized opportunity. Watching him and his peers stand in respect of his teacher is heartwarming. I will tell my students about Arian and the children of Yakutia and how school is so important that they attend even in sub-zero temperatures. Thank you for making these wonderful videos. As a teacher, I love to learn and I am enjoying learning of your people and culture.
  • mohd bashir
    As an African with our ever present sun, it is almost impossible to imagine life in this super beautiful and super scary place.
  • blackowl
    Больше никогда не буду жаловаться на то, что живу в Сибири😅 Якуты всегда для меня были небожителями в плане адаптивности к климату, я у себя то в минус 30 из дома не выхожу))) Очень интересное видео, удачи Ариану и его замечательной семье!)
  • Scientist Nick
    This kid is doing more work than half the people that watched this video
  • bampeanut
    i live in a very cold part of canada, our winters here average -40c and peak -50c, it is so hard for me to imagine people living in climates even colder than this, i can barely go to school in -50 and arian is doing it like its nothing. my respect for you all is immense
  • Khánh Ngọc
    Big respect for the kid Arian, he looks so mature and stable at his age. Looking at his hands can tell that he actually works a lot, callous and experienced. Living in environment like this really helps the kids acknowledge and value their life more. I hope they keep doing well and have a happy life afterward