I Trapped 100 Strangers In Complete Darkness

Published 2022-09-12

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  • Fresh Choice
    Austen is hilarious. Love how chill he was. Just casually made it to the end without saying a word, took his money and dipped.
  • Nick Sabino
    Jessica literally seemed destined to win this she's either gonna do huge things for Airrack or they are gonna get married
  • LAW - Tutorials
    I was rooting for Jess the whole time. She killed every test. Congrats 😂
  • I like how we had this arc with Teddy, No-Pants-Man, The Murderer in a Cape, and all the other peeps who demonstrated an amazing stage persona.
    And then we have Austen. Not talking in the first round, hiding behind a curtain, just always being good enough, and he ended up getting to the last stage.
  • komis pte
    I really felt Jessica was gonna win this. She had a cool vibe from the start of the video while Austen gives off awkward silence right after he would talk. Congratulations to Jess
  • I was rooting for Jessica ever since she told Teddy not to give up, she showed how humble of a person she is right there, she deserves this job.
  • Mickey Mouse
    Austin is literally the god of side characters.
  • Nat Hand
    Teddy didn’t win but he was definitely everyone’s favourite. What a great guy.
  • victoria moya
    Honestly, I'm really glad Jessica won because at least for me, I always liked her from the beginning. She has such a loud sense of strength. Truly one of the best videos ever made by Airrack. Congrats Jessica!
  • ThisIsNeverThat
    It's epic seeing Airrack grow this much. Not long ago when I first got hooked on your channel, watched you cross your first million subscribers. Truly inspiring. Hard work really does pay off.
  • ProdigyGaming
    Austin is hilarious. Love how chill he was. Just casually made it to the end without saying a word, took his money and dipped.
  • lisaw top
    Bro, 9 million already? You're absolutely killing it dude, it's awesome seeing you progress this far, keep at it
  • Thistleberry
    Austen just being basically invisible throughout the entire video unlike all the other people with traits is so funny to me- it’s also good as it shows that airrack doesn’t just stage his videos for the funniest or most interesting people to win!
  • I like how Jessica told teddy not to ever walk away, that's some encouragement at its peak, love you Jessica ❤️❤️
  • MathMusician
    Austin after choosing the money:
    “That’s pretty much it. I’m leaving.”
  • Emily Preece
    Congrats Jess! Everyone there did so well and the challenges were so funny, keep up the great content Airrack!
  • Guzman1law
    I love Jessica she has a pure mind and heart Congrats on the Job, I hope to see you in future videos and to Airrack and his team Well done on Creating another Masterpiece .
  • Fribb
    This is such a good video, the fact that Austin was barely even interviewed and got 2nd place is crazy to me!
  • Your Local TV
    I feel so bad for the people who got out on the loyalty test. :( They really thought they were getting a job.
    Falar com o Sr. António é como viajar 4.Fo/excellent no tempo, é sonhar acordado, é uma lição de vida...um poço de resiliência e um sorriso genuíno que nos "abraça" sem nos conhecer.