2024 Ferrari Purosangue Review // Why It’s Worth $400,000

Published 2023-07-12
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The 2024 Ferrari Purosangue (US$400,000, ~CAD$500,000) is the first four-door, four-seater to ever come out of the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy. A ferocious naturally-aspirated V12 sits up front-mid, creating 715 horsepower with a stunning 8250 rpm redline. It also has a unique active suspension system that Ferrari claims is a world first, and a trans-axle transmission layout to help achieve its target 49:51% weight distribution. But all that tech, power, and cabin room seems to weigh a lot.

Can the engineering and chassis overcome the Purosangue’s size and weight to still provide a signature Ferrari experience? And how does Ferrari’s first foray into the world of super SUVs stack up against the competition? Thomas and James can’t wait to find out! We hope you enjoy the episode. Subscribe!

Special thanks to Nickolas N for his last-minute assistance

Editor: Karston Chong
Sound: Harrison Dickson and Karston Chong
Magical Genius Logistics Planner: James Engelsman


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  • @shiftdowntv4511
    My hopes of seeing Margot in this video were sky high for about 10 seconds before my expectations were blown away completely by James.
  • @nicknygaard4122
    The overheating issue for any new car at any price is an embarrassment.
  • @Prismatte
    The only thing that bothers me when I'm watching your videos is the fact that I hadn't come across your channel sooner. Absolutely glorious. Keep up the good work.
  • @keithbalem7739
    I love these guys because they shoot from the hip being honest..sometimes brutally honest paired with comic relief 😂 Keep up the good work fellas!!
  • @nghiyelekwa5139
    Throttle house and Ferrari, the epitome of a toxic relationship
  • @joegarcia1960
    I can't imagine hitting the backroads running against the competition cars and having to stop so your $400,000 car can cool down as they leave you behind.
  • @miguel_santos
    Another great video/review. You guys make it worth every second till the end, there is no room for boringness or temptation to watch the next before it finishes. And by the way, thanks for promoting Portugal as an excellent shoe manufacturer. They are proudly Made in Portugal (as me).
  • I used to work at the Lamborghini factory in 1992-1993, if I had the money to buy this Ferrari I'd strip away the Ferrari logos and put Mazda logos on it and drive it around, however, I'd only drive it during winter time so it doesn't overheat. When I worked at Lamborghini I noticed that employees from Ferrari would quit Ferrari and come work for Lamborghini, there were also Lamborghini employees that would quit and go work for Ferrari, and some of the mechanics would quit Lamborghini and Ferrari and go to work for Ducati.
  • @lindvi0r
    I'm convinced James' dad is a high level Ferrari exec. That's the only way they keep inviting them to test Ferraris 😂
  • @Ficon
    Pretty cool that you reviewed the Hyundai Kona after all these years.
  • @timeee2kill
    the margot robbie feature really took the fuckin cake for me dawg i’m in tears 😭 i love you guys honestly, will never regret subscribing to you guys 3 years ago. my literal introduction to the car world.
  • @dr.robertippaso214
    Kudos to Ferrari for daring to be different in every way...and yes, we'll treat the overheating as an aberration. Well done to Ferrari and to the Boys for yet again an excellent review.
  • @BoomTharis
    I really love these Italian landscape transition shots/montages
  • @kempez
    I knew it was coming and yet I still lost it when 'Margot' said hello 😂
  • @ATKieren
    ya know i fall off the car scene ever few months and every time i come back to this channel i remember just how much i love real car guys.
  • @HasanBazerbashi
    Guys, I love your reviews, and your commentary is so much fun 😄
  • @muscless89
    As Jeremy Clarkson once said: When Ferrari's F1 team is garbage, their road cars are magnificent.
  • @gcm747
    Just goes to show that journalistic honesty and integrity can still be rewarded. Well done on getting your hands on another Ferrari after the 296 GTB!
  • @TheNoobsteak
    I absolutely love tasteful sponsorships instead of gaudy ads. Exceptional vehicle and video.