I secretly spectated HACKERS in Roblox Bedwars..

Published 2022-11-22
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All Comments (21)
  • Tanqr is actually helping the game as well as entertaining us. Legend
  • @TEREX528
    TanqR rly be roasting all the hackers
  • the thing is tanqr probably has more reports than all these hackers but his game is jus pure skill 💀
  • @kahelalnitak
    6:40 TanqR: Let me know if being toxic should bannable. Person: continues to fly
  • @Rellizo
    i just like when tanqr roasts thoes hackers
  • I love how tanqr comes with those great adn speechless comebacks while caring about his content lol
  • @Kalyptoisea
    I find these videos more entertaining than his actual videos where he plays on bedwars. I love seeing these people get what they deserve
  • @Ethereal5667
    bedwars admins when sweating becomes a bannable offense I AM INEVITABLE
  • He is helping the game whilst making content now that is the guy i call the best Bedwars player
  • @Roadtrucks
    Thankyou tanqr for cleaning up bedwars and trying to make watching your content fun and bedwars servers fun aswell we all appreciate it
  • @purple7827
    i like how the hackers just stand there like a statue because they don't know what to do since a admin caught them cheating and how they tryna act like they didn't cheat
  • @hellooo5511
    Bedwars doesn’t need a new report system they just need Tanqr
  • Tanqr: "why don't you just go and get a job or something" Also Tanqr: has his whole career on yt
  • @Random12345-Z
    Tanqr is the best roblox bedwars content creater and kept us entertained always