$250 Slab To $7700 Table

Published 2020-06-18
Blacktail epoxy table workshop: www.blacktailstudio.com/the-epoxy-workshop

Not just how to make an epoxy resin table, but how to clean up epoxy when you're done. And everything in between. This build went pretty well, although I did break a corner off at one point! So you get to see how I fixed that too.

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C-channel inlay: https://youtu.be/FqQUlLJOTMg

Items used in this build:
C-channel- conceptthirteen.ca/?ref=btjrt2lvnw8g
Liquid Glass Epoxy: amzn.to/2YJdchb
Track saw: amzn.to/2CbWEXq
Angle grinder: amzn.to/30StKWP
Wire wheel for angle grinder: amzn.to/2UV4ZFr
Tyvek tape: amzn.to/2P4r80D
Porter Cable restorer: amzn.to/2YJHtMN
Transtint black: amzn.to/2zL4Ih8
Paddle mixer: amzn.to/3hzLdZU
Respirator: amzn.to/2UVhAIP
Propane torch: amzn.to/3fwnisz
Gouge set: amzn.to/37CPFTf
Art brush: amzn.to/2BfuN8k
Black CA glue: amzn.to/3hDyW6U
CA glue activator: amzn.to/3e7qoTv
Clear CA glue: amzn.to/3eddtPY
Metal chop saw: amzn.to/3hFmyDa
Festool router: amzn.to/3frNRPA
Threaded inserts: amzn.to/2AMDIOz
1/2" Spiral router bit: amzn.to/37CQjjm
1/4" router bit: amzn.to/30YBYg9
Festool Rotex: amzn.to/3hDzERC
Festool finish sander: amzn.to/2CiDXl3
Bahco scraper: amzn.to/3ecX6Tz
Track clamps: amzn.to/3hE6cuE
Flush cut saw: amzn.to/2USohLE

Buy slabs: gobywalnut.com/

10% off C channel w/code blacktailstudio: conceptthirteen.ca/collections/c-channel/products/…


All Comments (21)
  • Digtalzz
    You have tottaly inspired me to become a woodworker. I hope that with enough effort I can make something decently nice looking to be able to look good in my house. Thanks for inspiring me!
  • Ross Wells
    Wood. It’s nice to see that everyone can make mistakes and you still include them in your videos, along with solutions. great work.
  • Rod Neil
    Wood or Metal, depends on the shape or the overall look of the finish. Might also depend where the finished product is being placed, ie: on it's own or with other furniture, what do the chairs look like. Nothing is as simple as one or the other, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Love your work. I'm inspired to give it a try, love working with wood but never tried anything with epoxy. G'day from Australia.
  • Blue BukkitDev
    The only tip I can think of would be this: Don't hesitate to use scraps of wood to make an elaborate clamp that is perfect for the job. It's better to use up a couple of small scraps which might be useful later to ensure a perfect seam on your current project.
  • Andrea Alvey
    Thank you for explaining so thoroughly your processes. I love seeing what can be done with natural supplies to enhance the final project!
    I just want to say that I have great admiration for what you do. It is pretty amazing to watch you take something like a simple piece of wood( beautiful as wood is) and turn it into something so incredible. Truly inspiring.
  • Collette Landwer
    I always choose wood over metal (too industrial). I really love the skewed angle of this table top.
    I’ve been watching your videos and am guessing that’s why a Canadian tree cutting video popped up in my recommendations.
    This one had an 8 foot across base. Kind of sloppy after the cut, but my first thought was … “Don’t damage that too much, that would make a wonderful wood/epoxy table.
  • Tommy Thep
    Wood and metal. The final shot of the table on that incline looks amazing! With a few mods it could make a sweet display table of sorts. Your video formatting is good. The talking you do through the whole thing works. It's informative, and you're not selling us up on Oxy Clean. Keep up the good work!
  • Stephen Woods
    I do love these videos as they outline all the issues - both good things and the mistakes you make. That’s quite courageous. I’m going to be setting up a small (almost hobby level) shop to make standing floor lamps. I’ve always loved the indirect light they offer in a room. And your videos are giving me so many ideas to use. I may even start up my own blog. Who knows as I’ll probably be building the house first, so I’ll start there! Thanks again for these videos.
  • Very honest here, I will probably never try any type of wood work myself, but I love watching your work and the whole process involved in it.
    You are doing an amazing work!!
  • Alvin Tan
    I have always loved woodwork and appreciate the craftsmanship involved. Loved these tables when I first saw it at a friend’s house last year. Thanks for showing how it is done. Nice job!
  • B. Tydings
    Cam - thank you for all your incredible content over the years. I am impressed with your work, but maybe more impressed with your humility, selflessness, and honesty. Bill
  • david lerew
    Metal. Great job Cam! New viewer here. Just getting started in epoxy and appreciate the tip on pre finishing to prevent staining of the wood. I’d love to know more about your polishing methods.
  • Jameson Rauth
    I love these tables and the craftsmanship that goes into producing one. I would love to make one some day and your videos will help me achieve that goal. Thank you so much!
  • Michael M
    WOOD - I love the metal look with your amazing woodwork.. Weird fun idea.. Have you ever thought about incorporating metal into the slap instead of apoxy to fill in the gaps?
    I saw your video the other day with the Brass incorporated and got me thinking.
    I love all the different videos and projects you make!
    wow! knew nothing about woodworking until i watched almost all of your videos in a weeklong sitting, crazy to see how much you have improved and learned, as well as moving to your new $67000 workshop as time went on. feels like im watching part of history with your first liquid glass epoxy sponsor read as well as watching you fill the tiny cracks with black epoxy instead of CA glue and activator. hope i am learning correctly! amazing channel and it really soothes my mind and i love your voice+commentary!

    not just me, shared your channel to some friends and got them hooked too! LOL
  • Khia Wishart
    I love the wood and metal mixed look. Also, I love the talking throughout the video! Keeps me intrigued, curious and interested in the whole process. The table top here turned out awesome! ☺️
  • Adam Riddering
    Cam - I'm a big fan of your videos. Started watching them in the last week as I am looking to make my own table. Thanks for putting this content out there for all. I'll be buying your workshop course as well.
  • Carol Babb
    Phenomenal! This is a masterpiece and your metal temporary base looked amazing!
  • Nathan Ryan
    Love this table, excellent patch on the corner as well, I'm a Staircase builder by trade, I specialised in curved handrails. Another way I've found to fix difficult patches is to use 2 types of glue, standard PVA wood glue on the outside edge of the timber faces and a super glue on the inside of the faces. Personally I've found a product called Mitre Fast, a 2 part super glue that bonds in 10seconds as the most efficient method. This allows you to fix the issue completely and move on within the hour without having to wait for the PVA to fully cure.