Five Nights at Freddy's Help Wanted 2

Published 2023-05-24
Teaser for Five Nights at Freddy's Help Wanted 2

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  • Can't wait to see MatPat spend many long agonizing hours trying to figure the lore of this game while Markiplier accidentally solves the whole thing in 20 minutes
  • @electrobob992
    As someone else pointed out. At 0:08 Bottom right in the elevator under the window, there is a Faz Conduit box shown in the Ruin DLC. Get out your Faz Wrench guys! Since we know we can usually control the camera in the elevator, it seems Steel Wool wanted US to notice this little detail considering the focus of the camera on it.
  • @Spencycle
    Interesting details about this trailer: One, in the elevator, you see a security conduit from Ruin on the wall. Two, the intercom voice says that we did an "adequate enough job to have you back." The keyword is back. The only person we've ever seen working here is Michael Afton, so it seems like he's back. Three, during the jumpscare, Ballora's eyes are the same color as the M.X.E.S. from Ruin. Note that in every other game, Ballora's eyes are purple.
  • @JustSoren5789
    a movie, a DLC, and a new game. truly the best year for FNAF
  • @Razzbowski
    THE GOATS of FNAF! 2 games in the one year?! Reminds me of 2015... I love it
  • @saiyanamek298
    I just want to say that despite the change in the saga they have done things well, I'm glad they explore a new narrative and not just bring Afton back leaving the ending of FNAF6 intact. Although they still have things to explain, for example the blob (which is not yet known if they are the souls of Afton's victims or if they obtained peace, which would be the best) ... even so, good work Steelwood, for now I think Scott chose well
  • @underscorn
    This will definitely not be the jankiest and buggiest VR game of all time, I have full faith in Steel Wool Studio's ability to properly playtest, bugfix, and polish to an adequate and acceptable level!
  • Holy... 3 FNAF trailer in one month??? What is this? Matpat's fever dream? I totally love it!! As long as they didn't rush up the production
  • @smellthel
    I don't think anyone could have possibly expected this being released now. The FNAF movie trailer, then the Security Breach DLC, then THIS? This is the biggest year for FNAF since 2014, hands down! FNAF and VR are a perfect marriage, and I am super happy its being further expanded upon!!!
  • i love the positive feedback on this, this is a studio who cares and will definitely learn from help wanted/use that money to make this game better. crazy thats it gonna come out in 2023 tho. im not complaining tbh
  • This came out of nowhere. Considering how amazing Help Wanted was, I’m surprised Steel Wool decided to make a sequel out of it. Can’t wait to see more gameplay footage of it!
  • @BandenTCY
    2023 is packing so much OMG, undoubtedly the best year in recent times <3
  • Finally will seee that damm springlock suit finally after 7 years you cant hide it forever scott
  • @Helpy19834
    It’s just a few hours away until the game releases I can’t play until I get my psvr2 for Christmas
  • @WeeDefault
    The most unexpected sequel in history… Well done Steel Wool. ❤
  • Holy crap. The FNAF franchise is SERIOUSLY busy right now. Matpat's got so much to react to. 😆
  • @thebloise11
    The movie trailer, the dlc trailer and now this. Best month to come Back to my FNaF phase!
  • @shaiapouf7463
    This trailer begins where security breach ruin ended , a falling elevator, great foreshadowing