Five Nights at Freddy's Help Wanted 2

Published 2023-05-24
Teaser for Five Nights at Freddy's Help Wanted 2

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  • Razzbowski
    THE GOATS of FNAF! 2 games in the one year?! Reminds me of 2015... I love it
  • Cole Kiesler
    The fact when you realize that most fans did not expect this to happened and thought that Help Wanted’s development was fully made and completed. But now here we are and out of nowhere got a sequel to one of if not the best game in the FNAF series. This honestly is insane to see this actually happening but I am glad it is because it now is making us return to that FNAF VR horror that the first Help Wanted gave a few years ago.
  • Lola
    Can’t wait to see MatPat turn this one minute teaser into a one hour breakdown.
  • gneu152
    I have no words on how happy I am. A movie coming out, and now two Fnaf games by steel wool. Scott has started the best franchise ever, and it will never die. We will always come back.
  • JungleMU
    You guys are absolutely smashing it this year. 100% deserve a reward or something.
  • Erin Jackson
    Can't wait to see MatPat spend many long agonizing hours trying to figure the lore of this game while Markiplier accidentally solves the whole thing in 20 minutes
  • I don't think anyone could have possibly expected this being released now. The FNAF movie trailer, then THIS? AMAZING!
  • urlocalfreshmint
    I have already been hoping for another DLC for Help Wanted which adds more levels of characters from the other games of the franchise we haven't seen in the original game, but now that there's a whole new sequel doing that just makes me so happy. And the fact that were getting this one game along with the Security Breach DLC and the movie all in one year is so insane.
  • Noobzo-08
    I’ve seen people who were saying “This month’s being gold for FNaF” after the Ruin DLC and the movie trailers were revealed. Now, I’m completely speechless. We’re returning to that good old vibe when new FNaF games were coming out
  • Quade Russell
    Can’t wait for Mat’s 3-part, 1 hour long reactions to this 1 minute clip!
  • S H
    I keep coming back to this teaser. I loved help wanted and I keep coming back to it to this day! Can't wait for the sequel ❤
  • Pasalasaga
    MatPat: I have made the full timeline of FNaF, after all this years... thanks for watching.

    *1 month later*

    And they don't stop coming [The Mimic]
    And they don't stop coming [FNaF movie]
    And they don't stop coming [FNaF: Security Breach - Ruin DLC]
    And they don't stop coming [FNaF: Help Wanted 2]
  • ILikeThisGame829
    Wow, there's a ton of new and amazing VR games coming out in this year. I love to see it!
    I CAN’T WAIT!!! FNAF VR WAS MY FAVORITE GAME AND FOR FNAF 10 TO BE ANOTHER, PROBABLY EVEN BETTER VR GAME IS SO EXCITING! Take your time with this, guys! Don’t be afraid to delay it into next year to make it better!

    We’ve been getting so much stuff lately! This year is jam packed! Proud of you guys!!!

    Here’s to another year of amazing FNaF stuff!! 💜
  • WeeDefault
    The most unexpected sequel in history… Well done Steel Wool. ❤
  • Viper
    Oh wow I did not expect this whatsoever. First ruin dlc now this? You guys are really pushing yourselves with this and honestly I’m impressed
  • Diego Villaverde
    It’s crazy how many five nights at Freddy’s things are gonna come out this year. And also this trailer was really unexpected. What a great year to be a FNAF fan
  • A movie, a dlc, and an UNEXPECTED SEQUEL???? DUDE THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!