How I Passed 1000 Years in Minecraft

Published 2023-07-18
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Passing 1000 years in Minecraft

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  • @mine.stories
    i cant believe that craftee made over 173 video's already keep up that awesome work craftee cant wait to watch more of your video's
  • @mine.stories
    I am inspired by you Craftee and dream of the same views. Thank you for your efforts for us!
  • @exinvity_
    Bro when he screamed looking for the armory 💀i cant
  • @maiachurch
    "What's the worst that could happen? I die horribly of fire?" Says Craftee, causally sneaking on top of lava.
  • I was waiting for craftee to say “it’s just a theory, a game theory” when he was talking about theories.
  • Imagine living in a place with very old strange golden tree and legends about some guy coming to your place from time to time, and no one even knows, when he is gonna come again and what mess he will make this time
  • @sodypop649
    The legend of craftee the diamond man still appears every 200 years to this day and forth.
  • @xenaxq.
    "Wanna know what it's like to close your eyes forever?" That's kinda dark😂
  • @AS-us1cy
    fun fact golden saplings grow faster on obsidian like 700 years faster
  • When the computer was getting Urath name wrong I accidentally snotting like laughing 🤣
  • I love how the pig Lind just didn’t care about the literal GOLD tree
  • This videos never gets old I'm always excited when there is new one keep going Craftee you the best
  • @dantedancel9507
    "i take on these dangerous drowns" it makes me replay a bit loll