Meek Mill - Level Up ft. Young Thug (2023)

Published 2023-01-06

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  • @patdeez24
    I’ve replayed this 100+ times. Thug and Meek walk this track down🔥🔥
  • @willislewis5037
    U can literally feel the music when meek raps.....he puts his heart and soul in these type of raps(he talks what he's been thru and what he's going thru)FACTS!!!!
  • @keithmvo2377
    Love the fact that Meek gives us this sound. He excels when he makes this type of rap. You can feel his pain💪🏾🤌🏾
  • @Strength860
    This is Motivational right here
    Everyone that’s listening to this going through the Struggle/Pain hang in there i wish y’all Health Wealth Prosperity and Blessings
  • ever since i heard this song iv'e been obsessed literally , cant stop playing it , Meek Mill never disappoints
  • @ivanserrano1129
    I am listening because this was my Son favorite song. I lost him to a motorcycle accident 😢
  • This song literally makes me feel something i didn’t know i needed to feel 💆🏽‍♂️
  • @shaabrams1919
    This is a vibe. The beat the flow from both artists !!! Song stay on Repeat❤❤❤
  • I listen to this song atleast 100 times everyday. It hypes me up so much when I'm working out, working or studying. Level up!!!!❤❤
  • @ewilson7332
    Two aunts died today, my mama sisters... but this song giving me peace. It let me know I been through so much but I'm gone be okay. We all are ❤️💪🏽
  • On repeat since the video was dropped. Its also my alarm, ringing tone and whattsapp call tone.🙏🙏🙏Free Young Thug
  • @ethanadams2895
    This is a whole new level ❤️ congratulations meek and thug ...
  • This song uplifts my soul, I've been really down lately with my PTSD and this song reminds me that Great things are coming my way Beautiful song and I will be playing this loud and proud in my car to let the whole world here this Keep it up this is real music for the soul