SPENDING $1,000,000 IN 24 HOURS!!

Published 2022-03-30
Today we spent the first million dollars we ever made in 24 hours. All so we could find an answer to the famous question, "Does money buy happiness?" Watch to whole video to find out!
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  • @StokesTwins
    We literally spent over a million dollars on this video so please donate by SUBSCRIBING ❤️
  • @corpsepixi
    i am actually shocked that caleb went through that and brent didn't help him 💔 at least caleb has real friends now ❤
  • This twins is the best they even help someone and they deserve to be subscribe❤
  • Hi🎉😮 it is again Josh i like your friend and video 🎉❤❤❤❤
  • @hannahofori9081
    I love how they help their friends and see that they don't go through what they did🥺
  • @josephfelix286
    Done my daughter (7yrs old) loves watching your videos and she got me addicted...by far this is the greatest video you created, sharing/giving money to those who really need it...i mean i have seen you give money to subcribers, kids/adults, win or lose...but this, i was taken away from beginning to end with emotions, from getting shawn his first car, caleb's and kat's new home...n i so agree to your last statement...looking forward to your next videos...keep it up Stokes Twins!!!
  • @user-kd1od3gg8s
    I subscribe you are the best YouTuber in the world. I love you twins I watch you every single day. I love your videos. You are so helpful to people when they don’t have too much to live in an expensive house. I love your videos you help people twins I love you.
  • The Stokes twins are literally the sweetest, helping their friends, other people, giving up the basketball career for us, making other happy, Love from the whole world stokes twins :D ❤️
  • @lisa_joie
    Seeing how Kat and Caleb loved breaks my heart. They acted so funny and happy and I had no clue that Caleb slept in his car and Kat barely had a house. You guys are the most generous people I have seen in my life. I really hope I can be with you guys one day.
  • @Kongya76247
    I'm crying so much this is so sweet!!!! 😭 ❤
  • @lewisboys69
    Lexi: always does videos about staying inside weird things Jeremy: always does videos about destroying indestructible things Stokes twins: always do weird 24 hours challenges and are very kind to their subs. Ben: always doing insane things even though he had to go to the hospital twice. Brent: always does pranks and very random videos. Dom and sofie: always do videos with each other. Andrew: always does funny skits. Lexi Hensler: does variety of videos but has a lot of work put into them. Pierson: has cute little intros and is the most energetic one out of the group.
  • @graciemay9924
    I had absolutely no idea that Caleb and Kat where living in those conditions and I’m so grateful that they had the twins , they were so generous to all of there friends and care about them a lot, I love when they said once there YouTube channel had taken of they promised they would let any of there friends live bad conditions like they use to. This warms my heart ❤️😍🤗🥹
  • @Kongya76247
    That was so cute when you bought him the car!!!😢❤
  • @xrazor9788
    This video and other videos like this of Stokes Twins are actually the reason why they are NOW the Fastest Growing Youtube Channel in 2024. Keep it Up guys!❤
  • @rogalo6949
    ive never commented on anybodys youtube video before but this is hands down the sweetest video i've ever watched on this platform. ive been subscribed for a while now but I am fully confident you guys will reach you 20M goal! I am in medical school right now and after long stressful days of studying something I always look forward to is when you guys post videos so i can watch it before i sleep but I saw you posted a new video today and I couldn't even help myself and just had to watch it ASAP! keep up the good work!!
  • I can't believe kat and Caleb lived like that it breaks my heart 💔but at least they are happy now💗