I took Ninja's Masterclass and it ruined my life

Published 2022-07-31
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intro - 00:00
the class - 03:15
my journey - 18:51
24 hour stream - 24:56
i'm in the box - 36:27

streamers showed (and people I like to watch)

all music from epidemic sound, except for:
Stage Kids - "Welcome to the Jungle" https://youtu.be/y0PwEwI4sVk
Old School Runescape OST - "Adventure" https://youtu.be/Z2Oci7962pI
Voyage - "Enter" https://youtu.be/1o95Xo7oG64
Death Note OST - Death Note Theme Song (Instrumental) https://youtu.be/RoC8_SRLDEU
Mass Effect Trilogy - Galaxy Map Theme https://youtu.be/6RO7K4W-c9g
bauerklos - "oh okay" https://youtu.be/5Ge5r_082p4

here's the only place online I could find that comedy bang bang clip of mike hanford:

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All Comments (21)
  • YoinkyYoinker
    As if my day couldn't get any worse, I have to sit through 40 minutes of THIS.
  • rsarin18
    You can't blame Ninja for your failings when you forgot to get a fridge for your fans to look at
  • Samantha got some real dedication and loyalty, she should teach a masterclass on it
  • anon03030605
    Ninja as a human is so bizarre because he's like a preteen's idea of a Twitch streamer but as a real person who is living a fanfiction concept of reality. "I wanted to expand my platform so I went on Ellen" is such an insane thing to say in a masterclass, either he is purposely omitting the actual work you need to do for wtv reason, or he has 20 different managers handling every part of his career for him.
  • 725Ken
    I can't believe that no one is commenting about how funny his oatmeal and yogurt clips were. Had me unable to breathe from laughing so hard.
  • I think Samantha's "That fart is too long" is more helpful than the whole NinjaShow.
    Thank you for saving us Drew.
  • Daniel Mendoza
    as a guy with 4 followers on twitch seeing such a huge creator go through the same struggles is really helpful. thanks for putting this out drew u a good man
  • Shout out to Samantha for being Drew’s most loyal Twitch follower. Sure, she was his only Twitch follower, but the point still stands
  • katherine
    the feeling of "i could've and should've just gotten a wig" after first dyeing your hair is so real thank you drewseph
  • v1nce cuh
    you have to admit that his hair is blue
  • E
    Am I alone in feeling stressed out at the idea of being Samantha? Just wandering in and finding you're the only one there, and sure the content is fine but also now you can never leave and abandon the poor streamer to the void?
  • ArCynic
    This is the first time in a minute that I actually burst out laughing reading a YouTube title. Drew still has old internet energy.
  • Rikorage
    Just goes to show, just because someone has huge success, does not mean that they even know how to replicate that success, because the environment that they did it in was so rapid-pace and changed so much even from that point, that you can't give good enough information unless you actually know what you're talking about. I think that's why MKBHD is able to give a more meaningful class.
  • Misa Tange
    Honestly I'm kinda glad that a YouTuber finally put a proper + realistic "twitch stream experiment" as a video. you are NOT dumping $200 to a high-traffic streamer for a chance of getting seen lmao
  • 11 52
    i have a theory that masterclass, for some reason, wasnt legally able to mention twitch. probably why they blurred the screen, and also why the actual tutorials in the class were so vague.
  • At 16:18, I feel so bad seeing all the streamers who bought this, genuinely wanting to become better streamers and seeing the product they received. They seem so genuinely motivated off the little clips he showed. They Got robbed man
  • Fi Fi
    I swear to god Drew is the John Mulaney of YouTube /pos
    That “Ya know, sometimes I talk in a funny voice” at 33:55 was SO John Mulaney, and I love it
  • Jules films
    drew is so brave for constantly ruining his life for the sake of our entertainment 🥰
  • Sock Man
    The moral of the story is that almost every single famous person got to where they are due to pure luck