Martina McBride and Kid Rock duet- "Picture" in Detroit!

Published 2010-02-19

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  • Martina McBride is one of my favorite singers . And just knowing Kid Rock is going to do this song with her. I know it's going to be a sensation 🌹 Bravo encore!
  • @Mark-fw4ei
    Kid Rock is very lucky, blessed whatever to share a stage with Martina McBride for damn sure!!!!
  • Two of my favorite performers singing a favorite song I love.They are awesome ❤️
  • @pattyrice2683
    I love both these people I love the music I am a country girl and I love my country music but I'm telling you I can listen kid Rock all day long and never get tired of
  • @donaldrose5453
    Kid Rock you're so amazing I love your music there's something about your everybody loves your music and how you can really sing and have wonderful rock star singing with that's what makes you better and better I mean you're awesome guy but you have wonderful wonderful women and all different kind of rock star singing with you now that's what makes the world go around brother keep on doing it over and over again
  • @sandywright6257
    I love this song ! Memories singing this with a really great friend ! People requested it repeatedly and we sang ! Eventually, the only two on the dance floor with mics ! And these two ••• fantastic together ! Gotta give it to The KID & CC !
  • Very good singing, you both are amazing. Love 💕 you both. God Bless you both.
  • @debbiecampbell5264
    This guy is so awesome my grand baby was 3 y s old singing this with his great uncle. This brings back memories.
  • @pattyrice2683
    I've seen matina McBride in concert but I've never seen kid Rock I sure would love to
  • @lansteadla
    Great song. Great singers. Perfection. ❤️🎶🎹🎧📻
  • @kevinhill8021
    Two of my favorite Kid Rock you are awesome. You are the icon
  • I love this song Picture . It's the first song I ever heard Kid Rock sing . And I've been his follower ever since . I love all of his songs .💖💖💖💖💖
  • @jeffyoder8105
    After now hearing Kid Rock and Sheryl Crowe singing 🎶 two duets including an introduction by none other than Martina Mcbride for a hit of hers,the letter I'm more than a little impressed with not only them being paired up but by how well they've pulled off both songs and very well put their own style and stamp on both songs and I'm getting past the who'd of thunk it thinking I had before hearing both songs and now I've sort of got that can't wait to hear them do another one 1⃣ together
  • @user-gn4vc4ju8d
    Love this song they did a awesome job of thislove both singers
  • @dawnpope5409
  • @eugeneweeks3325
    Saw her live at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, in 2004. She killed it.
  • @SheriNunn-lm5xh
    I am a big kid rock fan he can sing any thing and make it sound great