Sneaking Into MrBeast's Warehouse!

Published 2022-03-22
We snuck into MrBeast's warehouse.. inside of a vending machine!
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In this video, we designed a custom Mrbeast chocolate bar vending machine to give him as a gift. The twist, one of us was hidden inside the vending machine and when everyone in the warehouse left to go home, the person inside broke out and explored MrBeast's warehouse!

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All Comments (21)
  • Brick Science
    that was so good dudes!! literally one of the best ones you've done so far, the "copyright infringement" had me laughing so hard!
  • YouTube
    the best crossover 😍
  • Thomas
    That was a fun video. Glad it worked out perfectly!
  • RJ Pearson
    The fact that jimmy was so chill when he found out that you were just chilling in his studio is so hilarious. Jimmy is like, you broke into my warehouse... ah, whatever. 😂
  • Phan Anh Hoang
    i love how jimmy said that he feels bad jsut taking it, meanwhile he is literally giving houses for 1dollar, cars for free or giving tens of thousand dollars like it is nothing
  • When_Noobs_Fly
    I love how Chris pitched the exact video to Justin I laughed so hard😂
  • Millaray Morales
    I love the fact that jimmy just handed justin the money like nothing.
  • The best part of this was when Jimmy just gave away money so casually. 😂 I had to replay it just for another laugh
  • Paula Baker
    i like that jimmy was so chill one he found out that he stole from him

    mrbeast is a nice guy
  • Shauka Hodan
    As a creator myself, I'm impressed by how much time and effort you put into these videos. keep up the good work!
  • Foldify
    POV: you're waiting for MrBeast to comment
  • Carter's Kindle
    Man, I've been watching for somewhere around 4 years and the fact that they filmed with Mrbeast is insane! They've really come far.
  • bilishu aliss
    Tell me why I can perfectly imagine Nolan kicking the vending machine and asking if it works instead of just pressing the buttons
  • JurassicDano
    I love how he is just like “Oh yeah, 400k that didn’t get used, here have some.” The fact he sounded disappointed was even funnier.
  • aze 001
    After this Jimmy is going to have people check every single vending machine that came into the warehouse.

    or well, just throw out the machines.