MEGA MOVIE - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

Published 2020-12-04
One hour of Alex and Steve taking on the world of Minecraft in their full Minecraft movie!
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A remastered compilation of all of my Minecraft animations. Enjoy
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Voiced by:
Alex -
Steve -
Ben -
Villager -
Tooth Fairy -
Co-written by Hapico
Special thanks to qdeanc
Minecraft Movie | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation - Enjoy
MEGA MOVIE - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)
Disclaimer: The Minecraft videos we create are not approved by or associated with Mojang unless specified otherwise. This is purely a fan series.
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All Comments (21)
  • MaskMan1
    This should be the official Minecraft movie

    Damn this is a pretty popular comment for some reason lol
  • Night_Olw
    The villagers always the one crack me up here
  • [redacted]
    This is actually canonically how the limbs move
  • Zoe burk
    I loved the “steve you gotta help me i’m stuck “
  • Pikachu
    I LOVE your vids. and im happy to be sud to you guys ^v^
  • Zrdel
    For those who wanted to look their minecraft world like this animation.... the texturepack is "Bare Bones"
  • Evie Waters
    IT WAS JUST A PRAANNNKKK!!! love it! 😍
  • Asma AlHusna
    This should be call Alex and Steve adventure
  • Ruben Veramme
    I LOVE THE VILLAGERS AND THEM VOICES! Wow! Ty for making this video!
  • Izzachy
    When the world needed them most, the team returned.

    I love how Steve's voice got closer to his character's personality as the show evolved
  • All of scrambled Steves:
    21:11 Left half legs right arm same position head as leg leg as head
    21:13 Arms as legs legs as arms
    21:14 Arms as legs left arm leg head leg head right arm
    21:16 Half right arms half left legs
    21:17 Creeper-like: Left side legs right side arms
    21:21 Original Steve but left arm swapped with head
    21:27 Same thing but flipped
    21:30 Same as first but flipped
  • Zimaku Maozan
    Watching this again, never realized how much Steve's voice changes to a higher pitch which I love.
  • Shelby
    This is so amazingly done well, all the detail really pull it together feeling like it is real Minecraft. Even the clouds moving are an amazing detail. I love watching these, I’ve watched this video a couple times. 😀