Published 2024-04-11
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Dune: Prophect is a prequel series set thousands of years before the events of the movies, detailing the founding of the Bene Jesserit. We break down the series, and what it means for the franchise.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (pavel8866.wixsite.com/pavelt) [email protected]
Hosted by Ryan Arey (twitter.com/ryanarey)

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  • @gboi7703
    In the novels, the Butlerian Jihad was a crusade against charismatic human leaders who used robots and technology against humans.
  • @cacogenicist
    Stress should be on the second syllable of "Butlerian" -- not third. Also, JIHAD
  • @AGD2112
    I love the Dune universe! It's true that the ideas in Dune are amazing. 100% behind adapting both the sequels and prequels as TV series. They would be fantastic. More sensational sci-fi TV!
  • @jameshall9654
    In the prequel books the Valya and Tula don’t create the Bene Gesserit, Valya creates the fighting style they use and has Tula assassinate one of Vorian Atreides descendants as part of the long running feud between the families. They blame Vorian for their diminished standing on Lankevale as it was he who had Abulurd Harkonnen banished their for cowardice and betrayal at the battle of Corrin. The Harkonnens are related to the Corrinos (formerly Butlers) by Xavier Harkonnen, but took the Butler name after Xavier killed the Grand Patriarch who was secretly a traitor but publically nobody knew this and believed it to be murder In the prequel books this era is meant to be citing it is actually Raquella Berto-Anirul, granddaughter of Vorian Atreides via an illegitimate daughter. She was the first reverend mother and a former sorceress of rossack Brian and Kevin’s efforts are not in anyway close to Franks works, but they’re not awful sci-fi books. Frank talks about some weird ish and has far too much monolouging and exposition at times but I enjoy them for what they are. The prequels are good, limited stories that have some good ideas on them. I’m not going to argue with anyone that doesn’t agree because it’s subjective and we get to enjoy what we enjoy
  • @jerimiem
    i just wanna see if a studio or HBO green light god emperor of dune.
  • @MrMann0123
    What do I want? Scrap the actual narratives and just give me the many lives of Duncan Idaho.
  • @magikman79
    Butt la reians? LOL Her name was Butler... Its Butlerian... Ive never heard someone say it so funny before...
  • @MrRichstu
    Love the channel, Butlerian Jihad, not crusade. Sorry, Dune means a lot. Bless the maker and His water Bless His coming and going.
  • @edblann
    Man, that Butler, Ian, got up to some shit
  • @commandZee
    HBO is the only reason I have any confidence that this show has a chance of being good. 🤞Let's hope!
  • I'd interesting to see some of the formative times of the spacing guild, and the landsraad etc.
  • @enochlamont877
    I hope the dialogue will be better than what Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson came up with in the books... oof. Interesting ideas but the tropes were so hard I struggled to finish a lot of the books and finally gave up on reading them. I almost dropped it when the line "We are now Free Men" as a bunch of escaped slaves stood on the surface of Arrakis. Ugh.. so on the nose it almost broke mine. And the racial stereotypes were BRUTAL.
  • @mike-carrigan
    That's awesome and I can't believe I hadn't heard about this before l. I would love to see a season on the history of the Sardaukar.
  • @laartwork
    Now the Volume is getting the Greenscreen treatment on how it's considered? It's great and should be used when it makes sense.
  • @WireHedd
    Why are you retconning the name of the Butlerian Jihad as "crusade"? Please explain.
  • @beesleep23
    that can't possibly be the way Butlerian is pronounced?