I Broke Fortnite's OLDEST World Records!

Published 2024-04-19
Today I set out to break some of Fortnite's Oldest World Records.. The Longest Snipe, the Most Kills.. the Biggest Pyramid.. Sometimes using some "creative methods" for sure so not all of these are 1000% official... but I really put a ton of time into this video this week so I hope you guys enjoy!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you enjoy!

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  • @SypherPK
    Put a ton of time into this video, hope you guys enjoy! All love to Lazarbeam <3
  • no way he just directly insulted/challenged an australian like that💀💀
  • @Lebronisnice
    Laserbeam is going to post a video breaking. Sypher’s record
  • @ItsRulke123
    I love how he has just twisted all records so he could actually beat them
  • @xxdrippyred
    SyperPk just starting a war with the BIGGEST Fornite legend/menace
  • @LandonMC
    Gotta beat the record for longest projectile kill across the OG FN map ;)
  • @CrackedOnSticks
    I personally think the sniper trick shot was literally unfair because he worked with map creators and laserbeam didn’t
    jack almost got fired 3:52 🤣🤣 What’s going on in the chat chat☝️🤓 For every sub I get I’ll do 1 sit-up litterly I’m so tired of opening nonafacations and seing
  • @britishpie1379
    The fact he had to get his fans for every single record is wild
  • @Spanishfly1529
    the CHEATING to "BREAK" these records that were done IN GAME is insane SMH
  • @gallantsage8
    Sypher finding the easiest way to break records made with time and skill
  • @brawlnite16
    Lazarbeam after watching this: YOUUI BASTARRRRRD
  • @mrbanana112
    Look I like Sypher but like why an old legend who made all of us laugh man. Like he had these records for us to remember him.