The cat is in the room and her friend the dog opens the door and enters🤣

Published 2024-02-24
The cat is in the room and her friend the dog opens the door and enters. The cat asks him to go back outside. The dog has a surprised look. The dog slowly backs up and with one hand closes the door behind him.
And here is a continuation of the story:
The cat, named Nushi, was quite startled when her friend Alex burst into the room unexpectedly. She had been peacefully napping on the sunny windowsill when the noise jolted her awake.
As Alex cheerfully bounded over to greet her, Nushi meowed in annoyance, "Alex! You can't just barge in here. I was sleeping!"
Alex skidded to a stop, looking confused by Nushi's irritation. His tail slowed its happy wagging.
Nushi sighed, "I love spending time with you, Alex, but you need to learn to knock! Now go back outside and try coming in politely."
Looking rather dejected, Alex turned around slowly. He kept his eyes on Nushi as he backed towards the door. Reaching behind him with one paw, he grasped the door handle and pulled it open just enough to squeeze through. The door clicked shut, leaving Nushi once more in peaceful solitude. She settled back into her cozy patch of sunshine, hoping Alex would learn some manners before bothering her again
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