Can You Beat Skyblock WITHOUT the start chest?

Published 2023-07-15

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  • I must admit that the fact that many bridges had no safety to avoid you falling gave me a lot of fear
  • @weeb1813
    I like how one of the major roadblocks was caused by the choice to have an acacia instead of oak tree
  • The amount of pain you went through because you started with an acacia tree and not an oak is facinating given that oak is usually the default for skyblocks.
  • @samurexatlas7373
    The Lava gift definitely feels like something you should get. Or maybe Traders can sell lava in an update.
  • @knighttiger7236
    The lengths Martin will go to, just so he doesn't have to do a Just Cause 4 speedrun is pretty insane.
  • @jackmino729
    Martin is slowly turning into Lets Game it Out by spending hours doing single tasks
  • This guy gives off a very high quiality non famous youtuber vibe. I am watching this for the 4th time. Fuckin love this dude man
  • @lunarendaro5122
    I love the idea that Martin actually pulled off the water MLG, but took the opportunity to drag out the video into two videos
  • @MadamLava094
    Utterly spectacular, the absurd, tedious, insane lengths a man will go to avoid spending the same amount of time playing more Factorio
  • @barebone7311
    It’s nice knowing that this video would probably be substantially shorter if he had started with a different tree
  • 29:50 You can, all you needed to do was overload a chunk with laval in it by putting a metric shit ton of filled book and quills until the data capacity is reached At which point if you leave and re enter the world the chunk will reset, giving you lava and possible more items
  • @hugonobody3352
    I've rewatched this video like 7 times. God I love this production.
  • The amount of faith this man has in his ability to land in water is staggering
  • @zachrobinson8357
    Bro really dropped the hardest edits and thought we wouldn’t notice. All of those transitions were absolutely immaculate. That last sequence goes hard asf.
  • @heathGames2427
    No matter how many times I watch this video it refuses to get old. My sense of humor has been perfectly matched with the funny rainbow frog.
  • @huntar1136
    this is my favorite minecraft video to date. the way you explained, dramatized and made everything with the upmost comedy. upmost perfection. please continue making more videos like this. not even minecraft, all of your videos. thank you for making my days less combobulated and enjoyable <3
  • @burtlux3736
    He has reached the mindset of a limbo prisioner with nothing to do till the end of times just by playing a little bit of skyblock, impressive
  • @brolociraptor9577
    Watching him not place his precious dirt on top of wood, but over the endless void, gives me so much anxiety.
  • @gabe-dn4qp
    12:06 I'm thinking to myself: "How the heck did he get a glowstone block?" and then immediately: "Oh yeah, witches!"