Guy rates his exes

Published 2022-11-20

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  • spooky firkser
    The absolutely huge diversity in the people this man has dated makes this even more wild.
  • Claire
    There's NO WAY this isn't 7 random strangers performing an impromptu comedy sketch
  • dae
    i'm honestly impressed at how they found someone with a diverse ex roster and also messy as FUCK
  • Lo and Lex
    Josh has the same energy as the dudes on tik tok that approach people, ask the goofiest questions, then only respond with “yeah” or “whoa”
  • DezzyDayy
    Telling him he was a walking red flag to his face is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time
  • Taylor Shaw
    I love that guy saying “swept me off my feet” in his deep ass manly ass voice lmfao it was a dichotomy
  • Jasz
    This video turned from a quirky lineup into a group therapy session into an awkward roast
  • They should do this with someone who has a bunch of baby daddy’s/mommas and have them rank their parenting skills
  • Sebas
    the fact no one wanted to talk about Josh's timeline with 7 exes is crazy to me
  • How in the hell did they cast this one? Like did they put the call out, asking for someone to come on and rate their exes, then have them contact their exes and ask if they are willing to come on as well, and then they just happened to find a bisexual guy who has possibly THE MOST diverse group of exes? Surely this has got to be fake?
  • Bby Erica
    I love that Bryan gave himself last place but we all know a quiet guy is always the best
  • SmellMyPits15
    The fact that 7 people agreed to this makes me lose faith in humanity
  • bofooit gojo
    The fact that Sam wears a shirt that say "lets hug when its over" makes the crying thing 100x funnier
  • dragonfly
    Cody, your videos are literally the only form of entertainment that makes me laugh these days. Thank you ❤️
  • Soffren
    Josh really took "you don't know what you like until you try it" to a scientific level
  • I had an ex named Josh too. The only good thing about him was he introduced me to this channel lmao. He was also bi, also had a big nose, and I don't think his exs liked him much either. He also sucked at communicating so they're kinda the same person
  • Emily Durkee
    No way I would watch these ranking videos without the filter of Cody taking the brunt of the cringe
  • Trinian
    Josh being the epitome of every Josh I’ve ever met.