Season 2024 Gameplay Spotlight | League of Legends

Published 2023-11-20

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  • @Vandiril
    This is gonna COMPLETELY change the game we have known for years.
    Looks promising and exciting though!
  • @IamPhate
    I loved the part where Morgana last hit auto attacked to steal the kill from her ADC, just as a proper Morgana supports do. Truly a League of Legends experience.
  • @LarvaTubaShow
    I actually love the idea of moving mid lane bushes further. It always felt like you have to be extra cautious on mid.
  • @kappalhu3574
    This is actually insane!
    So many changes that imy really excited for!
    It's gonna take a bit for balancing but this seems like a really healthy step in the right direction for the game
  • @siveret23
    I don't know how this is going to go but you clearly have worked hard to make this game interesting, thank you for the hard work
  • @Hornswroggle
    Lots of new things for everyone to learn - both players and the team at RioT
    I'd be lying if i said I wasn't excited 😎I think it's gonna be a great season
  • @Hibbanggalu
    We may not be used to it now, but it's good to see them continuing to try new things. It shows why LoL can last for over 10 years.
  • @justsomeredspy
    Can't wait for the rift changes to go from "woah that's new!" to "wait, there wasn't always a path here?" It's going to be really exciting learning the game all over again.
  • @OskaPa
    Love how many changes there are, I don't play mid but finally some changes to the lane in mid to make mages somewhat playable
  • @gonzalescarloz
    I'm looking forward for the item adjustments. I wish we could mix and match everything again.
  • @psinjo
    Sooo happy to see the champion quests return! I always thought that was a super cool bonus objective that also has some good synergy with the lore
  • Pregunta seria:

    ¿Optimizarán más el juego para que así los que tenemos tostadora podamos jugar?
  • @1Maverick2
    Been way too long since we've had a world changing update. I still remember the old SR. This is gonna be fantastic! I've got too many hours to track, too many years in the game, and far too much money spent. This is a nice breath of fresh air for the veteran players.
  • @miuktms1331
    I think it will be really exciting for the pro league stage as we will see a lot more fights down the river and not only, but solo q will be even more problematic.
  • @jammedjett9771
    It'll take us a while to get used to, but I really love Riot for this. They keep mixing and updating things up to keep the game more fun, and that's one of the reasons League hs lasted for more than 10+ years.
  • @Hypno_Daddy
    One thing people might oversee is how all these changes make Jungle way more influencial,
    A god jungler that provides all 3 Void buffs (Grubs, Herald, Nashor) and also constantly providing blue and red buffs to their team while denying enemy team those buffs.
    Also they made every lane harder to gank, so I can see Jungle might be even less picked now.

    So one might run into autofill problems cuz of Jungle becoming even less played.

    Personal Thoughts:

    - Grubs make early game top lane / jungle heavy. Early Game strong Jungle Champs might be taking over now.

    - Grubs + Void buff on Camps will probably mean every Jungle Champ needs new optimized pathing.

    - I do believe we might be getting a Lane swap season again where ADC and Supp now go top since lanes are now more symmetrical and harder to gank.

    - Depending on the scaling of Fire rift buffs it might become the best elemental rift especially for those teams with high mobility focus.

    - New Herald could become a great way to gank since you can simply use Herald from River to Pain Train into unsuspecting laners.

    Also small thought on how the thematic seems to go:

    - Since this all seems very Void focused we might be getting a major Void event. Hopefully Something with VelKoz or Kassadin cuz they really need some lore love.
  • @minglin2814
    Props to riot keeping the game fresh and alive with daring changes unlike other companies reusing old content
  • @Catssonova
    I'm particularly a fan of the "picture" phreak painted for the infernal dragons and the rift herald. Not sure about the gremlins or whatever, and I'd like the blue and red buff to have just a bit more importance instead of flat buffs for everyone.

    The lane changes look interesting though
  • Good changes overall, but when implementing these, you will need to buff the jungle role too. It will become more difficult to set up successful ganks, as well as taking camps and objectives. Without a jungle buff, this will be a tremendous nerf to the jungle role, which is already weaker than normal atm.