I Built a SECRET 7-11 in My Room!

Published 2024-02-11

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  • @BenAzelart
    Reply if you’ve ever been to 7-11😍
  • I'm constantly amazed by the creativity and dedication Ben puts into his secret room videos! They never fail to entertain and inspire me. Keep up the amazing work, Ben! 👏🔥
  • if you were wondering what the stuff in the pelon was, that was like a sweet tamarindo paste and if you dont know what that is, you can search it up.
    by the way love ur vids and all the work u put in ur videos. keep up the good work!!!
  • Hi Ben my name is Maliyah and I want to be in one of your videos I’ve been watching all of your videos since I was 6 and I am 11 now I live in Owensboro Kentucky and I’m not near you and I would love you meet the whole AMP one day and become a YouTuber I love your videos💗 please notice my comment💗
  • @TimeBucks
    They never fail to entertain and inspire me.
  • Can we just take some time to appreciate the amount of effort Ben puts into each and every one of these videos ❤
  • @UnmaskedSoul
    I just realized, where does the trash go when you eat stuff in the room (espically when hannah is in your room and your door
    is closed)
  • Amazing video! Absolutely loves how much creativity you put into this! 1:23 was pretty funny though🤣🤣🤣 He really was like, " Is it bad if I just?.." *eats candy...*🤣🤣
  • @Nicky-zj4jl
    every now and then, i start thinking derek has the same iq as a toenail lol
    we all love him tho
  • @chicken
    Can we appreciate all the time and effort Ben puts in to Entertain us ❤❤
  • @user-kv5ws4pt1p
    Why is Ben so AWESOME does anybody agree he can be crazy sometimes but he’s still amazing
  • This Series Never Gets Old . The Efforts They Put Into These Is Amazing. Thanks To Logan and The Crew
  • @user-sy7dd7kh9c
    Ben, you have been my favourite YouTuber for so long. Can I please join the stay wild club my mum oh always says no when I ask her even when I say please and also my mum and dad say I can’t do it because I’m only seven but I love your videos and when I heard you broke your leg I was heartbroken please Ben can I join your squad?😢
  • I love how you are starting to involve Hannah in your videos❤❤😊📸
  • @canenland1
    Ben you can still Mcdonalds food but you should exercise too so when you get at grandparent age you won't have a lot of problems when you're at the grandparent age and it's okay to eat some healthy stuff too
  • I like how even though Hannah is not happy with some of the choices that Ben makes she is still with him. That shows how much she cares about him.
  • @Theapanchal
    Let’s all take the time to appreciate how much money Ben spends just for us