Cozy Coffeehouse ☕ - An Indie/Folk/Acoustic Playlist | Vol. 3

Published 2020-10-09
Relax with a hot drink and listen to more beautiful acoustic songs! Tracklist & Spotify link below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Canyon City - ‘Wish List’
3:25 Gatlin - ‘Grown’
6:54 The Paper Kites - 'For All You Give (feat. Lucy Rose)’
10:02 Kathleen Regan - ‘The Gentleman’
13:16 Ethan Tasch - 'Room’
16:42 Joseph & Maia - 'Amsterdam’
19:59 Cody Francis - ‘Is It Over Yet (Colorado Session)’
22:42 Alivan Blu - ‘If Its True’
25:54 The Dreggs - ‘A Song To Be Named’
30:03 summersets - ‘Never Love Another’
34:11 Pat Tierney - ‘My Sweet Love’
39:01 Cole Scheifele & Joel Ansett - ‘Thinking of Me’ //
42:07 Leith Ross - 'Everyone I’ve Never Met’
45:13 Fiona Harte - ‘What Is Loving Anymore’
48:09 Travis James - ‘End of the World’
50:19 Hollan - 'I’ve Been Alone’
53:05 Tenderfoot - 'Life’s Not Perfect’
56:28 Matt Hartke - ‘Let Go’
59:55 Days of August - 'Bones’
1:02:57 Ryan Edmond - ‘Sky Song’
1:06:31 Michael Barrow & The Tourists - ‘What Is It For? (Piano Version)’
1:08:52 Freight Train Foxes - 'Annabelle’
1:11:29 Michael Kaiser - ‘P-22’
1:15:47 Brian Bulger - ‘Golden’
1:21:16 Rich Jacques - ‘Clear Blue Skies’
1:24:38 South for Winter - ‘Stone’

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  • Daez 1405
    I've reached a state of peace where my entire youtube feed is indie music and lofi music... I love it
  • Nikki's Ark
    Hey alexrainbirdmusic, I’m commenting to thank you for every single music playlist you post. Your music has made everything I do more fun, relaxing, and enjoyable for me, whether it’s studying, chilling, working out, editing and basically everything way more amazing!! It makes me feel happy and content!! So thank you for making these beautiful compilations!!😊😊❤️❤️
  • BlawwMKW
    Thank you so, so much for these playlists. I've been listening to your collections for years now--they helped me through college, and now are the background to my work years later. I listen on both youtube and Spotify, so I also really appreciate you putting them multiple places! Anyways, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time and effort you put into curating these awesome playlists, which clearly bring calm and concentration to so many people.
  • Crime Hype
    I absolutely love your music mixes. This one is awesome 🔥
  • Big love to Alex & Beth for the support 🙏🏼 Thanks for including me on this great playlist. Happy listening everyone ☕️ 🌈🌴 Hope the music helps at this crazy time.
  • As an extreme coffee lover (when I was in Merced, California I use to hangout at ASIP Coffee Roasters all day and the most drinks I've had there on multiple of those all day stays was 3-5 lol) this is another one of my favorite playlist besides the Autumn/Fall, Winter, & Wanderlust ones!!!
  • Merve Sert
    I m in love with this music channel 💚 any of the music lists are just amazing. These songs always make me feel so glad
  • Hi, Alex! Thank you for compiling such a wonderful selection of songs.
    They really relax me and give me wonderful moments in life. They calm me down, and sometimes excite or direct my thoughts in other directions, far from the troubles and problems of this world. They make me remember pleasant episodes and motivate me to dream ... To dream and enjoy life.
    I am grateful to you for the wonderful day you gave me. A charming, exciting, incredible day - with a selection of these songs)))
  • Ryan Edmond
    Thanks so much Alex and Beth for including my tune in this amazing playlist! ❤️💚
  • Your music snuggles me in bed with a cup of coffee, reading a book in the background listening to your channel's music is pure jewel and freedom
  • Thank you so much for having us on this list! Such an honor <3 we love AlexrainbirdMusic!
  • Morning routine : listening to alexrainbirdmusic
    Night routine: listening to alexrainbirdmusic
    After school : listening to alexrainbirdmusic
    While studying : listening to alexrainbirdmusic
    Jogging : listening to alexrainbirdmusic
  • Sometimes I wake up a little stressed and anxious. But when I'm on your channel, I listen to all of your playlists. And I really love listening to your "Relaxing Sunday Mornings, Cozy Coffeehouse Compilation" which are my favorite playlists for your channel. Since then, I decided to spend my routine listening to this new special playlist posted while doing this I felt much better now. THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEX & BETH, your compilations are going very well for me and the people <3
  • emm_1004
    I feel peace! 🤎
    Thank for this beautiful playlist! 😇
  • Jahaziel Ice
    Just at the first song and I'm already loving this playlist. Thank you so much!
  • Quoc Luu
    This is simply amazing. I truly enjoy listening to this playlist. Chilling at work with a floating mind :)