The GeminiTay Way! - Pt 1 | Imp And Skizz Podcast (Ep67)

Published 2023-11-17
In this episode of the Imp And Skizz podcast, we meet up with the one and only GeminiTay!

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All Comments (21)
  • @justmarcus33
    "If Bdubs can do it... I can" is pretty much a life lesson for all 14 year olds
  • @MrPumpdjinn
    One step closer to having every Hermit on the Podcast. Would be great for you to get Doc or Keralis.
  • @waknbakn420
    I'd love to see Lizzie and Joel on the podcast!
  • @aishikrana3500
    The oldest video Gem has , it starts with " Gemini is awesome " , so the phrase "Gem is great " is not just a statement , it's "LORE".
  • @Windeycastle
    GeminiTay's room and outfut makes me want to burst out with "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" So amazing
  • @slugore
    Gem is a Canadian National treasure. She makes me proud to be Canadian.
  • @marieleelee
    Haha I felt it in my soul when Gem said she had to teach her parents internet safety. I relate to that so hard. I don't know when the switch happened but I'm constantly worried they're going to fall for internet scams, misinformation, catfishing. My mom thought she was talking to someone from the town she grew up in, nope! I feel ya Gem, I feel ya.
  • You guys should interview Ren's brother Jono! I feel like he'd be the first non-minecrafter you could get on here.
  • @supermanacf
    Hearing Gem say that she was the one needing the advice still is a bit heartbreaking. I hate how terrible people can be, and how it doesn't matter how awesome the person is, they'll still be treated just as terribly. You kick ass Gem, I'm sorry people suck so much. ><
  • @anadocheva453
    I became a big fan of hers. She looks like the sweetest person on Earth, but when Doc77 said he's afraid of Gem, i thought "here you go, the scariest person on the server. And she had the Ethos heads to prove it. You rule Gem!
  • @iylannaslife
    Thanks for having Gem on! As a very old lady mine crafter who was always scared of doing vids or streams, it’s lovely to see a woman as strong and smart as her featured ❤
  • Gem is such a delight. I’m so happy she joined Hermitcraft because that was my introduction to her because HC was the only Minecraft YouTube I watched for years. She’s got such a fun sense of humor and always makes me smile. Thanks to Imp and Skizz for the great podcast and thanks to Gem for guesting on it! Made my morning!
  • @ejdvdsn
    35:24 YES. Gem. Say it louder for the ones in the back. 👏
  • @lilnintendo
    Her talking about the DM's actually made me want to cry. It's terrible that that's what our world has come to. Love you Gem! ❤
  • I just knew this was coming soon based on the positive energy on camera during Twitchcon
  • @duvalfamily4605
    Love this podcast! We've been following Gem since her 1.13 Survival Series. Our two girls, who love Minecraft, were excited to find a family-friendly female Minecrafter "like them", and we've been following ever since. (In fact, Gem is basically the one who introduced us to Hermitcraft!) Thanks for the interview! Looking forward to Part 2!
  • @RikkuTakanashi
    I love how Impulse really is different in this one! Typically, with guests, especially Hermits, Skizz leads the charge because Impy works with these people and knows them well, but Skizz doesn't. But this time was definitely different. Impulse talks differently with Gem then he does a lot of other people. There's a bubbly warmth mixed with excitement and I wouldn't be surprised if Gem reminded him a bit of his own daughter. She's clearly a mc daughter to him, at least. But it wasn't just Impy, oooh no. I heard that tone of voice and saw the hand flex when Gem mentioned that some of her DMs... Likely were on the creeper side, and not the mc creeper... Skizz was instantly dad mode. I heard in the hum, I saw it in the sudden hand flex, it was beautiful! Being a woman in the youtube space has got to be scary. We humans are maturing, but as all three of them pointed out, it's slow. We women still face a lot of challenges but it's always heartening to know you have good men/boys/guys/ ,what have, you in your corner. Because, and I love how Impy said it, at the end of the day, what's truly important is being a good human. We're humans. Maybe we're female or male humans or no gender or both genders, or we have a specific type of partner, or a lack of desire for one, maybe our skin colors vary greatly from each other, but you know what? We're all humans. We're all physically the same race at the end of the day. Yes, culture, personal upbringing, self identity, and individual personality are all important, but, being a good human to other humans is really it. Unfortunately, a lot of humans aren't good to other humans and I'm glad internet safety was really mentioned. I'm gonna date myself here but I remember when the internet was young and I was always taught, never give your real name, be cautious, use the same instincts online as you would with any physical conversation. People too often think they're safe, their immuned, that nothing can get them on the other side of the screen, but as Skizz mentioned, it's extremely easy to get someone's whole life story with just a few breadcrumbs of information... The internet is a wild and untameable place and all we can do is try and carve out a safe place for ourselves, our kith and kin, and for content creator's, their fans as well. Imo a really good content creator is someone who recognizes their fans are giving srconds, minutes, hours, etc of their lives to them and while that might seem intimidating, might make them feel a need to put out the best content ever or they've failed us, in reality, I think me, and probably a fair few others, simply enjoy that not only are we getting content we like, but we feel safe, like your not gonna attack us or a lot of the bull some youtubers do or We're not gonna be attacking each other, and also we know that you know we love you. A good fan community is as important as a good content creator, imo, and it makes me happy to see not only a good community but also the acknowledgment that it is and knowing it makes the content creators life a little better because they have a good community, feels good. (That was a whole rambling rant but I hope it got the point across.) (Tl;dr, you guys have good communities and you clearly value and acknowledge you do and it makes me happy and glad I'm apart of it!) But alllll this aside, I'm excited for the next podcast!
  • @GwendolynMC
    Gem wishing there were more females in the space...all the females in the space: "Gem! We're trying!😭 we'll get there!"