Hugh Jackman explains why Wolverine is coming back for 'Deadpool 3'

Published 2023-01-08
Hugh Jackman tells CNN's Chris Wallace what he had to do to prove that he could play "Wolverine" despite being almost a foot taller than the character and why he's reprising the role for "Deadpool 3."
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  • @liamk1610
    It's pretty cool how Jackman has embraced Logan. A lot of actors tend to distance themselves from these big franchise roles but Hugh always seems delighted to talk about Wolverine
  • @ZombiePlague
    That stunt lady "I've been stabbed by Wolverine" lol. A real badge of honor yes!
  • He is born to do this job. He is Wolverine for me forever. No body can replace him
  • Not a single Wolverine fan I ever knew complained about Hugh being too tall. It gets brought up sometimes, but not in a negative way. Everyone loves Hugh Jackman in that role, and we're all stoked to see him one more time.
  • @Miguel09z
    The fact that the first X-men movie came out on VHS just gives me chills. He's kept the role for so long and has done such an outstanding job.
  • @darkside791
    Hugh is such a gem. Apart from his height, he born for this role. I have never seen someone who fits exactly to the role than this man. And he actually love and respect the comic character too.
  • @Luke101
    There will never be a Wolverine better than Hugh. I don’t care that he’s tall. The dedication, passion, and time he’s put into this character is insane. Over 20 years and he’s STILL our one and only live action Logan. He embodies this character so perfectly
  • @harrisont2004
    Some actors would get so tired of talking about characters like this but you can tell Hugh still absolutely loves Wolverine as a role.
  • @kokofreshful
    This interviewer did an amazing job, but then again Hugh is always a ball of light, patience, and joy. The way he's able to completely transform himself mentally, physically, and emotionally into Logan/Wolverine has been such a treat to see over the years. The way he's branched out of the superhero genre to do other roles in-between is crazy as well. An underated acting legend and genuine human being imo. 🙏🏾💙💛
  • @JohnMarston0123
    When deadpool 3 comes out that would’ve been 24 years since the first time we saw hugh as Wolverine and he’s still going to play the character in a movie for the 10th time. What a legend
  • Bro Hugh just looks so happy, he does not take a single offence to any of the questions, and it seems like he has a personal connection with the interviewer. He's living good post- Wolverine retirement.
  • @Crusadekoala
    I remember after the last Wolverine film he said how much work it was to gain all that muscle and that he didn't want and didn't think he could do it again. So for him to do it one more time just shows his dedication to the role and to the fans. Hands down Mr. Jackman. You're one of the greatest.
  • @TighelanderII
    Fun Fact: Wolverine was not expected to be the break-out character of the New X-Men when the first issue came out in 1975. The creators thought that would be Nightcrawler. The character was featured prominently in the stories, and was also given high-profile guest star roles in Spider-man comics. Readers didn't respond though, and when Canadian artist John Byrne started drawing the book in 1978, the Canadian hero Wolverine was featured more prominently and the character soon became a fan-favorite.
  • As much as this is about Wolverine, i remember loving Hugh for Real Steel. Sure it isnt an academy award level movie or anything but it was such a cozy movie with a simple story and nice vibes throughout that i fell in love with his acting. Godspeed for your future projects, Hugh!
  • Hugh is so wholesome, he even apologized to all the chickens in the world 😂😂😂 love him
  • @holden5478
    Thank you Hugh for taking up this role and just doing a kickass job at it. You really brought that character to life for me and millions more fans.
  • @fistbumpbros
    This man is always charmingly funny, even saw him live doing musicals and equally as funny in real life.
  • Hugh is one of those bright spots in the world, right there with Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves and Pedro Pascal. We need more role models like them.