100 Assassins vs 10 Real Cops!

Published 2023-04-05
I got 10 real cops to protect me from 100 assassins!


Officers in this video:

LilMermzz: www.twitch.tv/lilmermz
Oakleyz: www.twitch.tv/o_oakleyz_o
The_halfhand: www.twitch.tv/the_halfhand
ThatGuyDarien: twitch.tv/ThatGuyDarien
2CopsTTV: www.twitch.tv/2copsttv
Roxus89: youtube.com/@roxus.89
Sheriff Strafe: www.twitch.tv/sheriffstrafe
SheepDog59: www.twitch.tv/sheepdog59
Deputy Smitty: www.twitch.tv/deputysmitty
SharpShot147: www.twitch.tv/sharpshot147

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All Comments (21)
  • @joebederka2082
    I'm pretty sure Jimmy purposely fails these challenges. There's no way he's this bad.
  • @rd3sworld816
    Lets all give a round of applause for the sherif knowing how to properly play gta
  • @suenzhong7891
    I love how all the Assassins were riding in a single bus at one point. Just a regular field trip for them lmao
  • @actortomiwa9744
    This was too much interesting to watch, the shooting, the communication. Everything is awesome
  • Can we just appreciate the effort Jimmy goes in his videos? These shots are amazing. Hats off
  • @user-po5cx3vj1s
    it was dope seeing sheepdog in this fs. the guy deserves it.. Honestly the most chill cops I've ever seen..
  • @MajestyGamingx
    Thank you Jimmy for the awesome opportunity to be apart of this event! I had a blast with all of you. To all the Cops you guys were great and it was a tough fight.. Sheriff Strafe I hope to see you out in the city and RP with you one day! :) Love all your content, keep up all the great work!
  • @A_k_A_k
    He literally goes the extra mile just to provide us with quality content! He strains every nerve to acquire perfection in each of

    his videos loads of love
  • @prashoffcial
    Let's we all appreciate the content this man and his crew makes JUST a masterpiece imagine WHATS he's gonna doing in the future❤
  • @thronosstudios
    I mean... the cops would've won if Jimmy didn't go full stupid several times, lol. I guess that's his way of keeping these videos entertaining
  • @littleheck1
    Respect for the editors who made his content be more and more amazing
  • (probably) retired policemen as gamers and they still have the police blood in 'em, respect
  • @littleheck1
    I'm pretty sure Jimmy purposely fails these challenges. There's no way he's this bad.❤
  • @mramogus1032
    these guys will definitely have something to tell their grandchildren!
  • This man always tries to do something and extra ordinary and make his audience fell excited for every next, love you