14 Great Games Still To Come in 2021!

Published 2021-08-04
#Games2021 #NewGames #UpcomingGames

We’re over half way through 2021 now and while we’ve already had some top notch games there’s still a huge amount of big ones still to release this year. So in this video I will run down some of the biggest and best games that should be on your radar between August and December of 2021 like Halo Infinite, Far Cry 6, Life is Strange True Colors and much more!

Intro: 0:00
Game 1: 0:20
Game 2: 1:02
Game 3: 1:45
Game 4: 2:29
Game 5: 3:08
Game 6: 3:52
Game 7: 4:38
Game 8: 5:15
Game 9: 5:48
Game 10: 6:37
Game 11: 7:18
Game12: 7:57
Game 13: 8:34
Game 14: 9:11
Extra games: 9:55
Outro: 10:04

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  • @ProjectGamerYT
    Horizon Forbidden West was originally going to be listed in this video, I’d written a section for it and made a lower third for it but following multiple credible reports it’s very likely it’s going to be delayed till 2022 and therefore decided while it’s not official at this time to avoid putting it in the video. Just a head up if anyone is wondering why it’s not in the video!
  • @Dubstepconcept
    Good stuff man. Quality material with no filler, subbed and belled. Cheers!