Mystery of Titanic | How the World's Greatest Ship Disappeared? | Dhruv Rathee in Hindi

Published 2022-05-24
The Titanic is probably one of the most popular Ships in the world due to the tragic incident associated with it. It was a British passenger ship traveling from England to the United States, which faced a collision with an iceberg, leading to a devastating accident that resulted in the loss 1500+ People. This accident to date is considered one of the most disastrous events in history. But what exactly happened? What is the real story behind the Fall of the Titanic? Watch this video to find out!

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All Comments (21)
  • @amandubey6226
    This Titanic story is the perfect example of-- confidence is good but overconfidence is harmful
  • @sirajulhasan9695
    There were three ships which were nearby when the Titanic sunk.

    One of them was known as the *Sampson*. It was 7 miles away from the Titanic and they saw the white flares signaling danger, but because the crew had been hunting seals illegally and didn't want to be caught, they turned and went the opposite direction away from the Titanic. This ship represents us and people like us if we are so busy looking inward at our own sin and lives that we can't recognize when someone else is in need.

    The next ship was the *Californian*. This ship was only 14 miles away from the Titanic, but they were surrounded by ice fields and the captain looked out and saw the white flares, but because the conditions weren't favorable and it was dark, he decided to go back to bed and wait until morning. The crew tried to convince themselves that nothing was happening. This ship represents those of us who say I can't do anything now. The conditions aren't right for it and so we wait until conditions are perfect before going out.

    The last ship was the *Carpathia*. This ship was actually headed in a southern direction 58 miles away from the Titanic when they heard the distress cries over the radio. The captain of this ship knelt down, prayed to God for direction and then turned the ship around and went full steam ahead through the ice fields. This was the ship that saved the 705 survivors of the Titanic.

    🌎 🌍 🌏

    🎀 ANALOGY -

    Obstacles and reasons to avoid responsibility shall always be there, but those who accept it always find a place in the hearts to be remembered for the world of good they do.

    *I really wish that we all could be Carpathians in life, unlike more Sampsons and Californians... and this world could be a more beautiful place to live in.
  • It has been 110 years but none of us can forget this tragic incident !! Rest In Peace for all those who lost their lives 😞!
    Can we all just appreciate the content this man and his crew make's it's just a masterpiece imagine what's he's gonna be doing in the future
  • @sumandg007
    You’ve a impeccable way of telling all these theories in form of stories which keeps the viewers glued to the videos till the end. Always learning new things from your videos. Thanks to you and your team who put in so much time and effort to make these videos so interesting and breaking down such complex theories into simple ones. Kudos to you guys 👏🏻
  • Im a mariner, and the way you have explained these theories are amazing and very informative
    Especially the structural info also...very easy to understand by Landlubbers too...
    Great Job Dhruv 🙌🙌✌️
  • @BoloWajahat
    i love these video series which are not related to politics and are exceptionally full of knowledge
  • @anumqureshy9831
    Moral : Overconfidence can kill you and others as well. Thanks for the great info Dhruv Bhaiyya.
  • From past 3 years I'm very much into this thing called Titanic , I've explored every micro details about this ship ,it really is deep , I'm speechless that the feeling is badly nostalgic even I dream about floating in the water sometime up sometime in the abyss. It is scary.
  • Thank you very much Dhruv for making these videos, you make it so simple, informative, give every minute detail and love the way you explain, every video of yours helps us learn better , thanks a lot to you and your entire team, script, animation, details, etc ...for this. Lots of gratitude for these videos, kindly make more such videos that are informative .
  • it was probably the most tragic incident ever for humanity and that's why the more we talk we still can't get over it even after over a century.. tbh i personally feel so much connected everytime i listen the story and it always gives me goosebumps 😭
  • Rathee Sir, you have amazingly astounding narrative power.
    They way you explain things is so awesome that I literally feel i am watching a film. I can see all the events in front of my eyes.
    Bole to ekdum mast...
    Keep up the good work 👍
    Looking forward to watch more and more videos like this.
  • @lightyagami6766
    “ Even God himself cannot sink this ship ”

    God : And I took that personally
  • @apexwolf3659
    Your way of story telling and explaination is amazing . Very less people have this type of speaking skills of explaining things ✨
  • @lalitsharma6132
    It was not actually the weight of iceberg which resulted in cutting of metal but the temperature at which the metal present in ship was the crucial factor. At that much low. Temperature the metal changed its state from ductile to brittle so it was easier to break .
  • @surajk5102
    There is really something fascinating about Titanic's tragedy which can't explain in words but can feel it.
  • @zee_ben2144
    Absolutely love these mystery videos and your story telling...🔥
  • @angadbansode8363
    Moral: Overconfidence can kill you and others as well. Thanks for the great info Dhruv Rathee.
    Finally got to know why this happened😪
  • @akashboparai6485
    Titanic was actually a masterpiece , the ship and the movie both.
  • @galibramiz2860
    Thank you for helping me to think deeply about the subject. It was an experience that made me shudder at the thought. Imagine you are drowning in the North Atlantic Ocean,It's really scary. Survivors have really seen death up close.