How To Train Your Great Pyrenees Dog To Guard Livestock On The Homestead

Published 2022-04-21
today we're talking about How To Train Your Great Pyrenees Dog To Guard Livestock on your homestead!
Getting a new Great Pyrenees puppy is so exciting and the prospect of having a dog guard your live stock while you sleep is awesome!
You have to train and think of your new puppy in the correct way: this isn't a normal dog! This is a working member of your farm and needs to be treated as such. Its pretty simple but if you do the wrong things your dog can become confused about his or her role.
We're with Mark from Bakers Green Acres to discuss how he trains and uses his dog on the homestead.

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  • @user-gh3vo2jb3i
    My Peraniese is very aggressive tward people he doesn't know but I have a very large family and he knows all of there vehicles and when they come on the farm he clears the area for them making sure they are safe, he is VERY protective best dog I have ever owned
  • Just got one on accident. Long story short he just showed up at my Ranch and is now officially mine. Great info thank you!
  • @user-yk2sr8gl7v
    You are spot on! I wish all people could see this video to understand the nature of these dogs. We have a Great Pyrenees/Maremma cross and she’s such a sweet dog with people and our friends don’t understand why we won’t let them bring their dog over to play with her, some actually feel sorry for her that she can’t socialize with other dogs. You explained it perfectly and we are definitely on the same page. Love the video and will be sharing with my uninformed friends!
  • Excellent video. Your advice about not letting other dogs come onto the farm is good.
  • I have 3 LGD adults - one is an ire Pyrenees, the other two are Anatolian/Pyrenees. Then we recently obtained Maremma/Spanish Mastiff mix pups - we live in Wyoming with a lot of coyotes, Golden Eagles, bobcats, mountain lions, and of course the bane of everyone’s existence: neighborhood dogs that pack up and harass/maul/kill livestock and wind up being shot.
  • @BadCompany_3
    Really good video people have a hard time distinguishing working dog and pet you explained it well.
  • The HOW to have a Pyrenees is least understood. Knowing that bred-in- the- bone inclination of a Pyrenees solves many issues owners have. You very concisely answered the causes of problems owners complain about and 99% of the time it's because they didn't appreciate the dog's nature. Pyrenees breeders should require potential owners to attend a class and to fill out a questionnaire regarding what the dog will be used for and even the landscape like fencing, shelter, animals, acreage, etc. I wouldn't want any of my dogs to live without the structure Pyrenees require for their health and well-being. Thanks for the excellent and well thought out video.
  • @Yosetime
    Not taking dogs out is a myth. If you have a working dog they prefer to stay at home but there are occasions when they have to go to the vet and meet other dogs. They are capable of doing this. And a pyr also makes a good companion dog if it's not a working dog. As long as the owner knows what they are really like.
  • @guardemdog
    We live along a highway and getting two pyrs next year for goats. That’s when I can afford the 5000 through the breeder I’ve chosen. I had thought about privacy fencing along the highway so the pyrs won’t see everything on the highway. Also people are such busy bodies and report you if they see a dog out in bad weather - “If you’re cold, they’re cold.”🙄 Of course they will have shelter.
  • And here I thought your dog....was just your favored family pet; and now I know they are your 'working' farm dogs. I should've known. :-) Your 2 babies are beautiful too.
  • I picked up a puppy a year ago that had been dumped by my house. Thought it was a shepherd husky mix. Took her to the vet, was told she was a Pyrenees mix, probably shepherd. She is an amazing dog. Hair of a Pyrenees, ginger and white but has stand up ears and is only about 60 pounds right now.
  • @paula.Garden
    Great information I’m glad I found this , butt I have a question a friend of mine give me a 1 year old is it possible for me to train her?
  • @Piggy8282
    One of the best videos on training I have watched (as I prepare for my LGD next week).
  • @alphacat9302
    This is incredibly useful and has taught me more (halfway through) than 10 other vids I watched. We got things right (let our puppy sleep in the kids room a few nights to bond) and got things wrong (a couple walks in the neighborhood and 2 car rides). But thankfully I think we watched this before we messed up too much. I do have a question but will ask separately...
  • A Chihuahua he won't do anything bad but it won't do anything good........, I own land in Arizona I have three chihuahuas and a Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix my three chihuahuas are great alert dogs they can alert me of an animal or a human being at my front gate or on the land, so a my opinion chihuahuas are an asset on the property along with my Great Pyrenees mix being my property and livestock protector I do have to agree with this gentleman with everything he said about the Great Pyrenees, great video