Starfield: Shattered Space - Official Trailer

Published 2024-06-09
Shattered Space is a new story expansion for Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ epic role-playing game and first new universe in more than twenty-five years.

A mysterious power stirs in the city of Dazra on House Va’ruun’s hidden homeworld. Investigate a frightening cosmic threat, explore a new planet, and find unique weapons, spacesuits, and gear in this all-new adventure.

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ESRB RATING: Mature with Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Strong Language, and Use of Drugs.

All Comments (21)
  • @nazeem8086
    We finally get to visit the cloud district??
  • @Tixsi11
    Every fade to black in this trailer is an actual loading screen.
  • Chose your dialog options VERY CAREFULLY. The great serpent will treat you the same regardless.
  • @RandomDude453
    “This is the Serpent's will: Go buy me a cup of Terrabrew cappuccino."
  • @itskrude
    I'd love it if they could sprinkle in more "random" locations when landing on a planet.
  • Place your bets ladies and gentlemen. Serpentis system gonna be where the va'ruun are based.
  • @TravisLackey
    Does that mean I can finally take Andreja home and meet the parents? Pet the Groat? Have little serpents of our own? At last.
  • @pad00nix
    I wish we could get rebuilded melee system in this game. It's not balanced to play this way imo
  • I really hope we get a full Varuun Capital City 🤞 - with faction questlines (both Zealots & ‘normal’ Varuun factions)
  • @Mikebritt43
    How many loading screens do we get with this DLC?
  • @kg30004
    Full mod support/creation kit out today and now DLC?? Feasting
  • @Neufang1
    Fuck yea, the creation kit. Time for mods!
  • @KarlRock
    Just make it fun and let us make interesting decisions and kill randoms without Sarah Marshall freaking out. Andreja was my favourite companion, happy to see this DLC is about her.
  • @echo5827
    If they update this game for the next couple years and do a few more DLCs then I'm in, but otherwise it's not worth throwing more money at them