KSI - Not Over Yet (feat. Tom Grennan) [Official Visualiser]

Published 2022-08-04

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  • KSI
    The official music video is dropping at 4pm (UK) but I’ll be jumping on YouTube live from 3:45 with my guy Tom Grennan to chat with you all about the making of it. It’s gonna blow your minds. https://youtu.be/2xeGcq3A_RY
  • not
    Phenomenal PowerPoint presentation by JJ. This man can do it all.
  • Ash
    In terms of personal achievements, JJ has got to be at the top.
    From a normal family and recording FIFA at home to crossbar challenges with friends to being a top 10 artist to bringing Youtube Boxing to life to Sidemen franchises and Prime now sponsoring Arsenal.
    INSPIRATIONAL to say the least.
  • RagingTofu
    One of his best songs ever made. He really improved his singing ability and improved his music in general
  • Hiltonio
    Holy Shit, JJ this song is insane bruv, straight up gonna say this is one of your best songs yet. You and Tom sound awesome together, Keep grinding bro. 😎👌 Also you lookin absolutely JACKED bro.
  • Finnan Pearce
    This is sick. well done JJ we are all so proud of you. From playing Fifa to making banging beats. Truly an inspiration.
  • Absorber
    this song is about to be insane holyyy 🔥
  • Ariesun
    I was in gym today and had this song on repeat. this is an Absolute BANGER!!🔥
  • CSKI 514
    Sounds like a song that would be in fifa, I can imagine scrolling through the menus and this plays😎🙌
  • LeakCentral
    Before playing this, I already knew it's going to be 🔥🔥
  • kian
    In terms of the things this man has done he has to be the most inspirational man at the minute.... from fifa videos with deji to boxing logan Paul and getting a top ten album
    He's definitely my favourite youtube ever

    Keep up the good work jj
  • Joshua Kim
    I can't stress how professional and clean the song sounds. Crazy how far you've come King Jide, can't wait for the fruit of your labor to shine in the ring.
  • Cpt Shitters
    this is giving me drum and bass vibes so its an instant like for me. keep up the work JJ ur doing amazing!
  • Jamboy Xx
    Great song man keep up the good work Man U have inspired me so much love the song all love ❤️
  • LeonOn
    You nailed the song and the music video, keep up the good work! 💪
  • Renei
    JJ, I'm still not disappointed with the music you deliver for us 🔥It hit different ngl.
  • USA
    Incredible how proud you can be of someone you’ve never met. Phenomenal job JJ, you’re looking awesome.
  • This song is so good! The feeling that this music gives me is like a motivation
  • cayo jejanan
    This is the first one I genuinely like, the Drum and Bass really suits your vibe dude.
  • I like jj's music because its always so different and it still sounds amazing. this is some inspirational music swear😭❤‍🔥